Financial Crisis

Trump and Mnuchin Can’t Bail Out Every Failing Bank, So Protect Your Retirement Yourself

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Millions of Americans are concerned about their life’s savings. Whether they’re living paycheck to paycheck, have millions of dollars in the bank, or anywhere in between, the economic sentiment has been sour since shortly after Joe Biden entered the White House. And while the stock market has seen a strong recovery following the Covid selloffs, that recovery has not outpaced inflation. In other words, the “strong” stock market appears to be a mirage according to many top economists.

Adding to the concerns Americans have with their finances is the current instability of the banking system. Small banks are struggling to stay afloat. Regional banks are getting bailed out. And mega-bank corporations are creating different problems to the point that members of Congress are ringing the alarm bells.

The latest regional bank to need a bailout is New York Community Bank, the largest regional bank in the nation. Thankfully, it wasn’t a taxpayer bailout. Investors stepped up with a $1 billion lifeline. This was done at the prompting of new CEO Joseph Otting, the former comptroller of the currency for President Trump. And he turned to another Trump official, former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, to get the money they needed.

Whether Trump wins in November or not, the banking system will continue to be in shambles for the foreseeable future. Consolidation seems inevitable and that will take much of the control away from the people. This is why so many Americans are turning to self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals.

“It’s good that people are taking charge of their financial future but there’s a caveat I always have to point out,” said Jonathan Rose, CEO of Genesis Gold Group. “It may sound self-serving to tell people that gold IRAs are not created equal or that ours are better, but it really is the truth.”

Genesis backs the gold IRAs they craft for their clients with an appropriate mix of metals that are geared for long-term growth and stability. This is surprisingly rare in the precious metals industry because the vast majority of companies fill their customers’ depositories with only the metals that make them the highest margins. Genesis takes a very different approach.

“We educate our clients about the pros and cons of different options so we can match their IRA with their intentions and goals,” Rose said. “The notion that one-size-fits-all is demonstrably false.”

What many Americans don’t realize is that money in the bank, while protected to some degree by FDIC, can still be at risk. “Bail Ins” are becoming increasingly possible in the near future, especially after the Biden regime cleared the way to make it easier for banks to hold their customers’ deposits indefinitely in times of crisis. Physical precious metals, whether in a self-directed IRA or in a safe at home, may prove to be the appropriate hedges against the rising banking crisis.

“We’re not at a point of panic just yet, but those days may come soon,” Rose continued. “The reason gold and silver prices are so high now is because the powers-that-be are reading the writing on the wall. It behooves average American citizens to do the same.”

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