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Trump Leads DeSantis by 23-Points in Latest 2024 Primary Poll . . . Pence a Distant Third

We haven’t even made it out of 2022 yet and only one candidate has officially announced his candidacy, but buzz continues to surround the 2024 GOP presidential primaries. Pollsters are polling. Pundits are punditing.

At this stage, the polls are meaningly. In fact, the polls are generally meaningless all the time. But the latest poll shows the only declared candidate, Donald Trump, nearly doubling-up on his nearest opponent, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

According to Daily Wire:

… the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, taken between December 13 – 15 with 1,851 registered voters participating, Trump leads potential Republican primary opponents by 23 points. When only GOP voters were asked, “If the Republican presidential primary for the 2024 election was held today, who would you vote for?,” the 45th president secured 48% of support, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) earned 25%, and former Vice President Mike Pence received six percent of the vote. No other possible challengers scored more than four percent of the vote.

Removing Trump from the equation, it seems many poll respondents shifted their preference to DeSantis, who came in first place with 48% support, Pence was bumped up to 15% in that scenario, and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley received five percent of the vote.

The survey also indicated that the base of the GOP still favors Trump. In one question, the organizers of the poll asked only GOP voters, “If the Republican party primary is down to two choices, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, who would you choose to run as president in 2024 among the two?”

This is all fodder for a Republican base that is still licking its wounds after a disappointing 2022 election in which the projected “red tsunami” didn’t materialize. Many have claimed that many of the races in states like Arizona and Pennsylvania were clearly stolen through massive, widespread voter fraud. Unfortunately, it seems that most Republicans have chosen to move on which is why reports of 2024 primary polls in 2022 are a thing.