Trump Hits New Globalist Kingpin Alex Soros in a Purely Trumpish Manner

Mean Tweets. That’s what some have cited as a major reason Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. Of course, now he’s focused on Truth Social so we have to either go there to see what he’s saying or follow the many people who republish his Truths on Twitter.

He turned the meanness up to an 11 in his latest jab at those who oppose him. Alex Soros, the son of George Soros and the anointed new ringleader of the Soros Crime Family’s globalist empire, was the latest recipient.

As he posted on Truth Social:

We can’t let this spoiled little degenerate win. His daddy controls the D.A.’s and A.G.’s in America. They are destroying our Country. Mitch McConnell is helping them do it by doing NOTHING! An EMBARRASSMENT to the Republican Party. GET TOUGH REPUBLICANS!!!

Soros has shifted focus of his vast leftwing organization to stop MAGA from winning in 2024. Donald Trump is the originator, face, and de facto leader of the MAGA movement so he’s clearly Soros’ primary target. Trump lumping in accomplice Mitch McConnell was also a nice touch.

In 2024, Donald Trump is fighting Democrats, voter fraud, corporate media, a weaponized DoJ, RINOS, and the Globalist Elite Cabal, for which Alex Soros is one head of that hydra. Trump needs as much of our support as we can give him.

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