Trump-Hating Democrat Chris Wallace Leaving Fox News, Heading to a Fake News Paradise Where He Belongs

Fox News host Chris Wallace announced he’s leaving the channel this morning. The move was no surprise to political commentator Todd Starnes.

“During my years at Fox I was always astonished at the number of on-air hosts who held Fox viewers with such little regard,” he said. “Drawing massive paychecks while mocking and belittling the conservatives who afforded them their lavish lifestyles.”

According to Starnes’ website:

Chris Wallace, the Fox News Channel host and registered Democrat, announced that he was leaving the network effective immediately.

“After 18 years — this is my final FOX News Sunday,” Wallace told his audience. “It is the last time — and I say this with real sadness — we will meet like this.”

According to TVNewser, a website that focuses on the cable news industry, Wallace’s show was consistently in the basement when it came to ratings. Just last Sunday FOX News Sunday was in last place — beaten by NBC’s Chuck Todd.

The public relations arm of Fox gushed with praise over the avowed Never Trumper.

“We are extremely proud of our journalism and the stellar team that Chris Wallace was a part of for 18 years. The legacy of ‘Fox News Sunday’ will continue with our star journalists, many of whom will rotate in the position until a permanent host is named,” the Fox Corporation network said in a statement.

Variety reported rumors that he’s heading towards CNN where his leftist perspectives will be more appreciated by the audience.

Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News Channel, he announced on his program Sunday morning, a move that abruptly sunders the cable-news outlet’s connection with one of its most recognized and independent journalists.

Wallace delivered the news himself, in the last minutes of his “Fox News Sunday,” which he has anchored for nearly two decades on the Fox Corporation-owned outlet. “I want to try something new, to go beyond politics to all the things I’m interested in. I’m ready for a new adventure. And I hope you’ll check it out,” said Wallace. The words will be the last he utters on the program.

A person familiar with the matter suggested Wallace may be jumping to CNN Plus, the new streaming-video service slated to launch early next year. Spokespersons for CNN could not be recached for immediate comment. Fox News last announced a contract extension for Wallace in 2017, and his current agreement with Fox News is believed to have come to an end.

CNN has been rumored to be heading towards more “straight news” rather than a lineup of failing commentators. Wallace, while still loaded with plenty of leftist commentary of his own, has built a reputation in the industry of being more of a straight news man.

I say good riddance. I’m not a fan of Fox News but Chris Wallace has always dragged them even further to the left.