Trump Has a Better Idea for $40 Billion Than Sending it to Ukraine

During his speech at yesterday’s NRA conference, President Trump made a point about the money we’re sending to Ukraine at a time when children are being shot and killed in elementary schools.

Trump described the Uvalde shooting as “a savage and barbaric atrocity” and called for a moment of silence as he read the names of the 21 victims. He said those killed “are now with God in heaven” while the shooter “will be eternally damned to burn in the fires of hell.”

Trump then laid into Joe Biden for urging Congress to take up gun safety legislation, saying Biden’s criticism of the gun lobby was really directed at gun owners across the country.

“If the United States has $40 billion to send to Ukraine, we should be able to do whatever it takes to keep our children safe at home,” he said.

He then noted how we’ve spent trillions in Iraq and Afghanistan without gaining anything.

“Before we nation build the rest of the world, we should be building safe schools for our own children.”

He’s absolutely right.