Trump Tomahawk Chop (1)

Trump Does Tomahawk Chop at World Series and the Left has a Collective Mental Breakdown

While attending the World Series, Donald and Melania Trump participated in the Tomahawk Chop.

According to Todd Starnes:

And there’s no doubt that leftists have been triggered from coast to coast like Phil Newberry, a columnist for Associated Press.

“Simply put, the Braves and their co-conspirator are on the wrong side of history, not unlike those who continue to defend the Confederate flag and statues as nothing more than peaceful symbols of Southern heritage,” Newberry wrote.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan is one of the far-left sports writers who. has called on MLB to “stop the chop.”

“The best part of writing about the tomahawk chop is the reams of grown adults bleating on about how unfair and wrong it would be for a baseball team to stop encouraging them to wave their arms up and down and cosplay natives and they want to make it seem like you’re the soft one,” Passan tweeted.

“While I can’t stop the tomahawk chop or make Atlanta change its name, what I can do is not acknowledge the nickname,” USA Today’s Bob Nightengale wrote. “In recent years, I have tried to avoid using Atlanta’s nickname in columns. I find it offensive.”

The left isn’t digging it on Twitter, either.

Ian Miles Cheong mocked the leftist perspective on the event by framing it exactly as they do in their own minds:

The trigger level on a mask-free Donald Trump doing the Tomahawk Chop in “unwoke” Georgia has the entirety of the left doing mental gymnastics to figure out what they hate the most about the scenario.