Trump Calls on SCOTUS to Decide His Fate . . . and the Fate of the Nation

Since the bogus conviction of President Donald Trump in the kangaroo courts of Manhattan, his lawyers have been talking about appealing the verdict all the way to the top. Now, Trump himself has called on the Supreme Court to intervene.

On a post he made on Truth Social, he said:

The “Sentencing” for not having done anything wrong will be, conveniently for the Fascists, 4 days before the Republican National Convention. A Radical Left Soros backed D.A., who ran on a platform of “I will get Trump,” reporting to an “Acting” Local Judge, appointed by the Democrats, who is HIGHLY CONFLICTED, will make a decision which will determine the future of our Nation? The United States Supreme Court MUST DECIDE!

The sentencing itself is less important than the timing. Trump has already noted that he is “okay with it” if Judge Juan Merchan sentences him to jail time, but if he’s taken into custody then it will completely upend the Republican National Convention scheduled for four days after the sentencing.

The Supreme Court must act BEFORE sentencing and undo this horrible evil being perpetrated against not only Trump but against the entire country.

It is not hyperbole to note that jailing the leading presidential candidate will cause extreme turmoil for the nation. Not only would it further polarize a country that is already on the verge of mass conflict, but it would improve the chances of a disastrous selection to be installed in the White House. Whether that’s Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Nikki Haley, or any other candidate who would be viable if Trump is taken out, the nation will be in the darkest place it has been in since the Civil War.

Some would argue our future is even darker than that bloody period.

At the very least, the Supreme Court or one of the lower courts will need to delay his sentencing until the appeals process is complete. It would be nice if his conviction is completely reversed so we won’t have to listen to repetition of the words “convicted felon” that Alex Soros has orchestrated in the media. But even if that doesn’t happen in time (and I believe it will happen once it gets to the Supreme Court or before), then at the very least Trump must be allowed to continue on the trajectory of being the Republican nominee for president.

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