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Trump Calls on GOP to Protect Social Security, Offers Sound Ideas About What SHOULD Be Cut

When he’s right, he’s right.

President Donald Trump got in front of a camera to call on Republicans on Capitol Hill to protect Social Security and Medicare. This runs contrary to what many Republican fiscal hawks have wanted, but Trump pointed out there is plenty of waste in DC that SHOULD be cut instead. He wants to protect senior citizens now and in the future as the next presidential election cycle starts picking up steam.

According to The Conservative Treehouse:

President Trump transmitted a message to congress, warning them not to cut Social Security and Medicare. Many politicians and pundits will look at Trump’s position from the perspective of it being a good position to campaign on for older voters, but that’s not the core of his reasoning.

In 2016 CTH was the first place to evaluate the totality of President Trump’s economic policies; specifically, as those policies related to the entitlement programs around Social Security and Medicare. We outlined how the approach Trump was putting forth and the way he was approaching the issue. In the years that followed, he was right. He was creating a U.S. economy that could sustain all of the elements the traditional political class were calling “unsustainable.”