Kari Lake

Trump-Backed Kari Lake Demolishes Arizona Republic During Interview for Censoring “Invasion” From Her Border Plan

At some point, you’d think leftist journalists would stop trying to mess with Trump-backed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. Every time the cross her or attempt a “gotcha” on her, she reverses it on them and makes them look like fools. Her latest victim was the Arizona Republic, or as she calls them, the “Arizona Repugnant.”

“TEASER: The Arizona Repugnant begged me for an interview. 2 WEEKS later & they STILL refuse to cover my border plan bc I use the word INVASION… is @azcentral covering for the Cartels? Since they didn’t want it, I am sharing the FULL interview with you…”

Here’s the teaser followed by the full video below:

As I noted in a recent article, we need better America First patriotic candidates. Kari Lake is the prototype. Pay attention, patriots. This is how you win elections even in a RINO-dominated GOP.