David Lametti

Truedope’s Justice Minister Says Members of a “Pro-Trump Movement” Should Be Worried About Banks Freezing Their Money

We’ve entered the era in western society in which radical leftists are no longer keeping things close to the vest. They’re saying the quiet part out loud at every turn and they’ve become emboldened to announce their disdain for pro-freedom citizens. Sadly, they’re turning this disdain into policy and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is leading that charge.

Trudeau’s Justice Minister David Lametti said Wednesday during an interview with CTV News Channel that members of a pro-Trump movement can have their assets frozen or seized by banks through the government’s Emergencies Act, which was enacted by Trudeau this week.

“If you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, then you ought to be worried,” said Lametti.

According to The Daily Mail:

Lametti defended the government seizure of bank accounts tied to the protests against vaccine mandates as a simple ‘extending’ of the procedures used to stop ‘terrorist financing’.

About 44 percent of the nearly $10 million in contributions to support the protesters originated from US donors, according to hacked donor files. Some 92,800 individual donors are listed in the leaked files.

After invoking the Emergencies Act this week for the first time in 50 years, Trudeau now has extraordinary powers, which include seizing assets such as bank accounts without judicial review or ordinary due process.

Meanwhile, Trudeau was reprimanded in Parliament on Wednesday when he accused a Jewish MP of ‘standing with people who wave swastikas’ after she criticized his handling of the Freedom Convoy protests.

Trudeau’s regime has been attempting every possible means, legal or not, to stop the Freedom Convoy and similar protests across his nation. They are protesting the vaccine mandates the government has imposed, but Trudeau has attempted to paint them as racists and misogynists. The Canadian people as well as Parliament have not accepted the false narrative from Trudeau, but he continues to echo it in hopes of turning the lie into an accepted truth with the help of corporate media.

When a foreign government starts threatening the finances of American citizens over their legal and justified actions, a good president would do something about it. Unfortunately, we have Joe Biden, so nothing will be done from DC.