‘True Believers’ on the Ballot: A Faith-Boosting Dynamic 

“Providence has given our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest, of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” 

-William Penn (1644-1718)

A Godly transition is sweeping the country at the most fortuitous time–like God is making it happen. Good people are getting back to the Lord.

It’s a revival. 

Much like the hit movie “Jesus Revolution” and the blessed 2023 Asbury University Church revival, the people unite in a harmonized fashion to worship God and ask for His help.

If you believe, as I definitely do, that all of America’s problems are related to our straying away from the Biblical principles this country was founded upon, then we agree about how to fix America. Could you help us, Jesus and Founding Fathers? 

America is in a kind of “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” world. Our President is completely incomprehensible—controlled by unknown actors–while Congress is carelessly ineffective at best and corruptly evil at worst.

And they never mention God, Jesus or the Bible consciously, unless they’re faking Christianity to get elected. 

The repugnant Left’s organized attempts to eliminate God, Jesus, and Prayer from our country’s history, memorials, government offices, Churches and to mutilate our children in public schools must all fail in the end.

If we want to rid America of RINOs, Globalists, Dem-Communists, and the rest of the horde, we must sprout a crop of fearless faithfuls to run for office.

Good News! 

A select few of God’s old-school candidates are running all over America for offices at all levels. They are heaven-sent.

And they all are MAGA; they’re not afraid to run and lose (if it is God’s will) and that makes them very dangerous to the secular, establishment, fake Republicans betraying America every day.

I’ll write about three of these hyper-Christian advocates here as dazzling examples of these new ‘outsiders’ running for key offices. For all three, the primary on March 5th is the election.

First up is mother, former ICU Nurse and minister, Rivera Douthit, who’s running with 13 others for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina.

Her announcement for her run alone … is reason enough to vote her into the office, an important springboard to the NC Governor’s office. 

I heard Rivera speak at a Republican event only a couple of months ago and the audience was so impressed with her: never a mention of the economy-border super-issues only talk about God, her relationship with him and why He wants her to run.

It did seem the fake-Christian, establishment Republicans’ rear ends tightened up and an immediate fear gripped their minds.

“She says she talks to God!” one told me, flustered and afraid. “That’s crazy.” 

My retort was “What is praying if not talking to God?”

“She’s not qualified!” came next. “If you mean,” I began, “that eight years in the Raleigh swamp is better qualifications than being a Mom, a nurse, and a Minister, then we disagree completely.” Silence ensued.

Rivera told me recently, “The Lord asked me to run and specifically asked me to run for Lieutenant Governor. I’m sure he has his reasons behind that. Being a Mom, he’s put inside me a very passionate spirit concerning the children. Whether that be eradicating (child) sex trafficking, putting the Bible and prayer back in the schools, or removing these indoctrinations in the curriculums, it’s all about the children. This is something I want to be a champion for here in North Carolina.”  

Rivera has a ministerial website and there she has a tremendous video “Revival That Shifts Culture.” It’s worth a look.

Christian Reagan has the advantage of the ultimate dual name recognition. 

His run to replace establishment RINO Chuck Edwards in NC-11 of the US House is a crusade taken up by local supporters in 15 counties. 

Reagan is a gracious gentleman with a cowboy hat. America needs more gentlemen. 

“Faith is everything in life,” Reagan said, “Without it, there is no hope for a better future or the need for individual improvement.”

His campaign website is filled with videos on different important topics where he explains in detail what’s happening in America.

“2024 is the last, best hope for America,” Reagan said ominously but hopefully, “I want to go to Washington DC as a Congressman and fight for the Soul of America.” 

Brooke McGowan is running for US Congress in North Carolina’s tenth district. She’s MAGA and America First and is endorsed by General Michael Flynn.

Her opponent is Pat Harrington, another Republican endorsed by Americans for Prosperity and Club for Growth, both known anti-Trump hate groups. He’ll not be getting President Trump’s endorsement in this century.

McGowan told me, “We are in serious trouble. I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing about it.” This lady, who started the MAGA Institute (until it was de-banked and de-platformed) is a Trump supporter through and through. “We are losing our country’s sovereignty and future. I have to be able to say to my children, grandchildren and my Savior that I did not give in to the enemy and with His help, I fought back.”

When Brooke McGowan talks about the Lord and Prayer, you can feel her strength of belief.

Dear reader: If you’re a true believer too, pray for candidates like these who will strap on the armor of God, unfurl their wings and hold their flaming swords aloft to slay Satan in America. 


“Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all problems men face.” 

                                               -President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)


(This is my story. We all have our stories. If you’d like to share yours with me or you would like my prayers, I’d love to hear from you. My email is RelentlessBill@protonmail.com )

Bill Robinson has appeared on NewsmaxTV, Fox News, CNN, PBS, Bloomberg, BBC and had his own segment on SKY News. For seven years was the only Conservative columnist for the insufferably Liberal Huffington Post. He has written columns and articles for The Wall Street Journal Europe, Forbes.com, Fortune Small Business, The Financial Times, The Moscow Times, United Airline’s Hemispheres Magazine and many others.