Convoy to Super Bowl

Truckers Planning “Convoy to Super Bowl” to Protest NFL’s “Covid Blitz”

While the world watches the Canadian truckers’ protests in Ottawa to the dismay of corporate media, American truckers are planning a convoy of their own. But instead of heading to Washington DC where traffic is already horrendous on a good day, they’re heading to the most watched event of the year: The Super Bowl.

Their reasoning for heading west instead of east is more than just being on a bigger stage with brighter optics. They’re going because the NFL plans a “Covid Blitz” that will use the game and the days leading up to it as platforms for pushing the vaccines, constant testing, and ubiquitous slave masks. Here’s a post from their Telegram:

For all who say Super Bowl is a saint and it shouldn’t be boycotted, read this:

In addition to its safety protocols, the NFL will use the Super Bowl’s massive popularity to promote vaccinations and Covid testing. When the Los Angeles Convention Center hosts the five-day Super Bowl Experience, a kind of football theme park, every visitor will receive a free take-home Covid test kit and be urged to test before the game. Los Angeles County also plans to set up vaccination sites at the convention center, and anyone who gets a dose will be allowed into the fan event for free.


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Plans for the Super Bowl are truly hideous. They’re going to use the jam-packed event as a way to gaslight skeptics and promote Pandemic Panic Theater. The Covid protocols at the Super Bowl include:

  • KN95 masks for all attendees that must be worn throughout the game
  • Proof of vaccination or negative Covid test
  • Propaganda for testing and jabbing before, during, and after the game
  • A five-day “Super Bowl Experience” with free take-home tests and vaccination sites

Facebook has started banning pages that support the Canadian truckers or that try to promote other convoys. Multiple groups are making plans for an American convoy with some planning to head to DC and state capitals. But this planned event for Los Angeles is promising because it’s focused on highlighting both government and non-government gaslighting, propaganda, and oppression.

Whether with this group or any of the others that are rapidly forming, it’s important that Americans rally behind protests similar to the one in Canada. Their massive protest is starting to show signs of bearing fruit. For once, we need to follow Canada’s lead.