Triple-Jabbed West Virginia Governor Jim Justice _Not Doing Well_ With Covid

Triple-Jabbed West Virginia Governor Jim Justice “Not Doing Well” With Covid

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, 70, is reportedly “very ill” and “not doing well” after testing positive for Covid-19. The Republican is “fully vaccinated and boostered” but has shown severe symptoms since being infected by the coronavirus.

According to WV Metro News:

“He’s not doing well. He’s very ill. He continues to suffer, as I can hear through the phone, severe congestion. He still has elevated blood pressure. He’s uncomfortable,” Brian Abraham, the chief of staff, said today on MetroNews’ “Talkline.”

“He’s received the monoclonal treatment. He has medical care being provided to him, so we’re hoping for a positive outcome. He’s a tough guy.”

The Governor’s Office announced Justice’s covid case near midnight, touching off a day that resulted in cancellation of the annual State of the State address. Several major economic development announcements went on without the governor’s participation.

“This was going to be a huge day,” Abraham said.

Justice, 70, is being treated at home, “and the medical care providers are there with him now,” Abraham said. “You can tell he’s not doing well.”

After the Covid-19 “vaccines” were exposed as having little to no preventative powers against the disease, the CDC and others in government and media shifted the narrative to claim the jabs would prevent people from getting very sick, reducing hospitalizations and deaths. Prior to Thanksgiving, data seemed to point away from this notion as hospitalizations and deaths rose in the most vaccinated areas in the country and around the world.

This prompted the push for booster shots to explain away the diminishing protections offered to the “fully vaccinated,” but then Omicron became the dominant strain of the disease. This has marked a much lower percentage of hospitalizations even as positive cases have skyrocketed across the globe. All the while, the CDC and others have continued to claim the injections prevent serious cases.

Governor Justice represents an “anomaly,” according to a FDA source who wished to remain unnamed. The source said Governor Justice is elderly and likely has comorbidities that are contributing to the seriousness of his illness despite being triple-jabbed.

Whether he really is an anomaly or if there are more serious cases being covered up by the powers-that-be, we hope and pray for his full recovery.