Jim Cramer

Triple-Jabbed Mega-Vaxx-Nanny Jim Cramer Has Symptomatic Covid

There are a couple of positives about Omicron. It is apparently the mildest variant of Covid-19 while also being the most contagious, so early indications show it’s causing many to acquire natural immunity with an even lower risk of hospitalization or death than past variants. Being so contagious also gives it a positive spin in our war against Covid lies because it’s helping to expose the hypocrisy of vaccine mandates with triple-jabbed folks testing positive in droves.

The NFL and NBA had to cancel games over a surge in cases. Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren tested positive and are showing symptoms. Now, one of the most vocal vaxx-nannies among corporate media personalities in America has become infected and is showing mild symptoms. According to CNBC:

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday he’s tested positive for Covid and isolating at home with a mild case.

“I have Covid. I came down with Covid on Thursday night,” Cramer said on “Squawk on the Street.” He added he’s been triple vaccinated: two shots of Moderna and a Moderna booster.

“I know exactly how I got it,” he said. “I was at an event where you had to have PCR [tests].”

“I got it that night from someone who was tested that day,” he said. “The problem is it works so fast. You can’t stop it.

Cramer said his wife is sicker than he is. “She had J&J and Moderna,” he revealed, referring to the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine and a Moderna booster shot.

Moderna said before-the-bell Monday a third dose of its Covid vaccine appears to provide significant protection against omicron. Shares opened 9% higher but pared those gains shortly thereafter.

Without a booster, Moderna’s vaccine has been been found to be far less effective against omicron. The company said it’ll continue to develop an omicron-specific booster.

Notice the odd attempt at gaslighting in the article. Cramer admitted he was triple-jabbed with Moderna. Later, they note the statement from Moderna claiming the booster provides “significant protection” against Omicron. Then in the next sentence, they say without the booster it is far less effective.

Even when forced to report on arguably their loudest vaxx-nanny and his wife getting the disease, they still use it as an opportunity to push booster shots. This is a cult-like action; mass media’s unwillingness to acknowledge the falsehoods in their “safe and effective” vaccine narrative requires cognitive dissonance on their part and a desire to suspend disbelief in the wisdom of vaccine mandates.

Cramer made headlines late last month for encouraging forced vaccinations. Then, he doubled-down last week by claiming “government has a right to force you to obey.”

The entire vaccine narrative is falling apart. Unfortunately, the people who should be exposing the lies of Big Pharma and the Biden-Harris regime, people like Jim Cramer, are too busy reinforcing the false narrative to notice how ludicrous it all really is. Then again, maybe they’re fully aware it’s ludicrous but they have personal incentives to continue to spread the lies.

Image by Tulane Public Relations, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.