Triple-Jabbed Geraldo Rivera SHOCKED He Got Covid

Triple-Jabbed Geraldo Rivera SHOCKED He Got Covid

There’s a phenomenon that has been happening more and more lately. With our government pushing both vaccines and boosters so heavily, they have gaslighted many into believing the reason to get triple-jabbed is to protect them and others from Covid-19. But as “rare” breakthrough cases continue to skyrocket, we’re been seeing the rise of the phenomenon known as “The Triple-Jabbed Shocker.”

Okay, so I made the name up. But that doesn’t take away from the reality that people continue to get jab after jab after jab, then they’re confused when they catch Covid-19. Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera is the latest “shocked” celebrity.

Despite his admission, he’s doubling- and tripling-down on his vaccine push.

As I noted in a Twitter thread of my own, it’s discouraging that people like Geraldo Rivera and Sonya Sotomayor are so oblivious to the facts surrounding Covid-19 and the vaccines.

Even though I ended the thread with the hashtag #PandemicOfTheVaccinated, in reality we are experiencing a pandemic of ignorance. Sadly, it’s our own government and media spreading the disinformation.