Trump Town Hall

Top Ten Moments You Need to See and Share From Trump’s CNN Massacre

There will be some of our readers and many Democrats who think President Donald Trump didn’t look great at the CNN town hall Wednesday night. It’s okay. We can agree to disagree. But one does not need to be a Trump supporter to recognize that he played properly for his base while demonstrating to the rest of the nation that watched — and a lot of people did — that he hasn’t lost a step.

CNN went so far as to cut it short, disavowing tons of advertising revenue by sacrificing over 20-minutes. Did they invoke the “Mercy Rule,” as Congressman Matt Gaetz asserted?

Here are the clips you need to see if you didn’t already. They’re also good to share for those who didn’t watch. We do not post YouTube videos unless we absolutely have to, preferring Rumble as a freer speech platform. The one drawback to Rumble is that embedding multiple videos into a single post is challenging, so I’m listing the videos by title here:

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