James Tour

Top Evolutionists Fail to Rise to Chemist’s Challenge

(WND)—James Tour, Ph.D., is a synthetic organic chemist at Rice University. He has about 650 research publications and over 200 patents. In 2015, he was inducted into the National Academy of Inventors. In 2014, he was named among the 50 most influential scientists in the world, as well as “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds.” In 2013, he was named “Scientist of the Year” by R&D Magazine.

Recently, Dr. Tour issued a 60-day public challenge to the 10 top origin-of-life researchers, by name. His challenge was that he would take down all of his public material, which exposed the fallacies of the origins-of-life explanations used by evolutionists, if they could answer just one of the five questions presented, just one. Now, why was this 60-day challenge a significant event, which should have been covered by the national media?

The cultural quagmire of nonsense, insanity and stupidity we have drifted into can readily be argued to be the direct result of the navigation tool used to get there. We have two navigation tools to choose from, one through the lens of Scripture, i.e., a biblical lens, or the one through an evolutionary lens – and there is no question that the dominate lens now used is the misguided evolutionary one or a compromised biblical one.

The use of an evolutionary lens used to guide one through most any topic only results in navigating off-course, resulting in a complete misunderstanding of a wide variety of issues such as global warming, abortion, race, homosexuality, transgenderism, environmental issues, “Mother Earth,” the source of truth, etc. Ironically, evolution is always portrayed as science, yet its fundamental precepts are based upon fairy-tale chemical reactions.

The illiteracy of evolution only survives due to the Illusory Truth Effect, which can be defined as when repeated statements, regardless of how untrue they are, are perceived to be more truthful than those heard less frequently. It’s essentially the same definition for propaganda. In other words, most any fallacy, junk-science claim, fairy tale or misconception can be made to appear to be true if it is repeated frequently enough, especially if the opportunity to hear the contradictory facts is withheld, such as the longstanding indoctrination most are exposed to through their “education” process. As a result, this leaves those who embrace evolution prone to a wide variety of intellectual fleecing and a half-illiterate understanding of many topics as I explained here.

Well, the 60-day challenge ended in October, and Dr. Tour was successful in calling the evolutionary origins bluff. Not one of the top 10 origin-of-life researchers could present a solution to any one of the problems presented by Dr. Tour, which must be resolved for the chemistry of life’s origin to even be plausible through natural processes. As pointed out by Dr. Brian Miller, a physicist:

The failure of any origin-of-life expert to propose a solution to even one of the five problems has dire implications for the field. Tour allowed origins researchers to assume unrealistically favorable starting conditions. The hurdles are colossal for life’s constituent molecules to form in sufficiently high concentrations and purities to allow for even the slightest possibility of their linking into proteins, RNA, or complex polysaccharides. In addition, any cellular component that formed on the early Earth would have decomposed long before finding its way to the staging ground for an aspiring cell. Consequently, even if every problem were fully solved, life’s genesis would still face the insurmountable hurdle of transporting the components of life to the same microscopic environment.

YouTubers and other defenders of the secular faith of scientific materialism have confidently asserted that scientists are steadily unraveling the mystery of life’s origin. Yet Tour called on leading experts to demonstrate whether they had achieved any real progress in answering any of the most fundamental questions. None could rise to the challenge.

At some point, both the scientific community and the public will need to recognize that the lack of progress cannot be explained by a lack of serious effort by highly competent scientists but by the philosophical assumptions blinding them from seeing the truth staring them in the face. The answer to life’s origin does not reside in the fields of physics and chemistry but in the mind behind our universe.

The implications of this ongoing willful ignorance are that there is a very large variety of cultural problems that can never be solved unless the approach to them changes. When a society embraces a fairy-tale evolution, which is scientific insanity, or a compromised biblical perspective, which many pastors and Christian do, those problems will persist, grow and eventually destroy it.

Lastly, it is not intellectual suicide to embrace the literal, straight forward interpretation of Genesis 1. Unfortunately, many Christians, including pastors, have felt the necessity to do so, believing Genesis 1 is inconsistent with “scientific” observation. It’s actually just the opposite. Scientific observation, those things that are testable, observable and repeatable, consistently illustrate that there are no other explanations for origins other that that which is provided in Genesis 1.

Information science, which is non-biological and therefore requires a programmer and not some theoretical step-by-step natural process, as well as all fields of biological sciences, clearly illustrate that the mind-boggling complexity of all living things, with all their interactive and interdependent functioning parts, are completely implausible to have occurred with any step-by-step process over eons of time. Time degrades things; it does not elevate them. This is one reason why more than 1,000 Ph.D. scientists from major universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, UC Berkeley, Duke, John Hopkins, UCLA, Columbia, Rice, Stanford, etc. signed the “Scientific Dissent From Darwinism” statement, saying, “We are skeptical of the claims for the ability of random mutations and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.”

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