Top Evangelist: ‘The Demons in Her Screamed Like You Wouldn’t Believe’

(WND)—An interview with Christian evangelist Ray Comfort has been posted online by CBN News in which he describes how the demons possessing a young woman “screamed like you wouldn’t believe.”

It happened as he was destroying a “trinket” that the woman had, which he perceived as tied to the occult.

The interview:

The video within just days has gotten tens of thousands of views on YouTube. CBN reported Comfort’s encounter happened in Christchurch, New Zealand, some time ago.

“I’m right in the middle of a horror movie that I couldn’t believe was happening,” he explained in a report accompanying the video.

He said the woman, accompanied by friends, had come into his office one day, with her friends explaining she suffered from blackouts and “other spiritual issues.”

When she arrived, the report said, “chaos broke out.”

“Her friend ran out crying and screaming out that Jane was manifesting,” Comfort, the author of a multitude of books and creator of popular videos in which people are asked about their spiritual life, said.

“She’d gone into a blackout state, and she was crawling on her hands and knees … I went in and began talking with Jane and praying — [exorcising] prayer — and telling her that she needed to get right with God.”

The report explains how Comfort noticed “trinkets” the woman, Jane, was wearing that were “demonic-looking.”

One was a “little fairy.”

He told her to get rid of them and become a Christian. It wasn’t over, however.

“Two weeks later, I received a phone call from a friend [who] said, ‘Jane is having blackouts again. Can we come and see you?’” Comfort recalled. “And it turned out she hadn’t become a Christian and she hadn’t gotten rid of that trinket.”

And she didn’t make it to the office right away. Apparently in a blackout state, she ran away from Comfort and “threw herself over a 15- or 20-foot drop,” he said.

She needed to be carried into Comfort’s office, he said.

“[She was] sitting down in my office, manifesting all these different weird demons,” he said. “I think three times she grabbed cords from lights in the office and tried to strangle herself, and the demon screamed out, ‘We’re going to kill.’ And I said, ‘You can’t touch us because we’re Christians.’”

But the same voice charged Jane wasn’t a Christian, and could be harmed.

Stopping her from gouging her eyes, Comfort said he pried open her hand and found the fairy trinket.

“I grabbed it, walked across the other side of the room … I got a hammer, put that trinket on it. I had my back to Jane. She had her eyes closed. These two friends were standing between me and her, and this is no exaggerating — every time I hit the hammer on that little trinket, the demons in her screamed like you wouldn’t believe,” he said.

The broken pieces he tossed, and then helped Jane to become Christian.

“She came [to my office] the next day and she was bruised, but she didn’t remember a thing from being blacked out through that whole episode — not a thing, and she was completely free.”

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