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Top 7 Myths About mRNA Covid “Vaccines” Propagated by Big Pharma and the CDC

(Natural News)—Though we are four years deep into the “plandemic,” Big Pharma and the highly corrupt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are still working hard to push propaganda, lies and untested “science” claims about the safety and effectiveness of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mRNA jabs.

For decades, the Western Medical Industrial Complex has claimed that all pharmaceutical medications and vaccinations are backed by peer-reviewed clinical studies based on mountains of empirical data.

However, upon closer examination, most of that “research” was conducted only by the manufacturers of those “medicines,” many of whom have conspired to alter and falsify data to justify the conclusions they needed for Food and Drug Administration approval, to maximize profits and to assure the populace it’s all 100 percent “safe and effective.”

COVID-19 clot shots clog the vascular system with millions of prions that cause chronic inflammation, heart strain, turbo cancer and spontaneous miscarriages

What if you found out today that the opposite is true about all the theories and “science” purported by the vaccine makers and the CDC? Would you spread the word? Would you try to sue for damages if you suffered health atrocities due to the spike protein gene therapy injections? What if you lost a baby because of the clot shot jabs? Wouldn’t you want to take a closer look at all the “science” that’s supposedly behind the “safe and efficacy” of all the COVID-19 experimental, emergency use only injections?

A professor and statistician at the University of Lucerne, Dr. Konstantin Beck, studied the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine in Switzerland and directly linked it to a significant increase in spontaneous abortion among pregnant women. Dr. Beck was a former adviser to the German Minister of Health and the Swiss Parliament, and he analyzed findings from scientific publications, health insurance companies and the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics.

Dr. Beck went on the record saying that vaccine manufacturers and public health officials either knew or could have known this information at the time if they had simply studied the data.

Why won’t the CDC, Pfizer and Moderna recognize these dangers, this scientific research, and warn the American public? Maybe because they don’t want anyone to find out that the COVID clot shots cause a woman’s immune system to attack the fetus and kill it when the virus-mimicking spike proteins travel to the uterus and trick the body.

In another research arena regarding the dangers of the COVID-19 DNA-altering mRNA jabs, Dr. Charles Hoffe, a medical doctor of 28 years in British Columbia, Canada, ran PET/CT scans on cancer patients who had received the Pfizer mRNA booster shot just eight days prior, and found rapid progression of T-cell lymphoma, a dramatic increase of gastrointestinal lesions, and a turbo-effect of spreading of cells in the lymph nodes under the arms near the armpits.

This is called turbo-cancer, where spike proteins from mRNA jabs serve as a carcinogen – literally food that feeds the cancer, propelling it to multiply exponentially to invade the rest of the body. How can this be, you may be asking? The mRNA ingredients literally turn OFF your P-53 gene so your body can no longer fight against cancer.

Top 7 myths about mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” propagated by Big Pharma and the Centers for Disease Continuance (CDC)

  • “Vaccination helps prevent severe COVID-19 and the risk of hospitalization”
  • “The 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine is safe and recommended for people who are trying to get pregnant and people who are pregnant or are breastfeeding.”
  • “The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and recommended for people who have cancer now or who have been treated for cancer.”
  • In order to reduce side effects from the vaccine, “You should wait until after being vaccinated to see how you feel.”
  • “None of the vaccines interact with or alter your DNA in any way. They cannot cause cancer.”
  • “Unvaccinated people should get this vaccine as their very first shot.”
  • “You can safely get the flu and COVID-19 shot at the same time”

None of these CDC claims are backed up by clinical research that proves they are valid. In fact, it’s just the other way around. Science studies are now revealing these COVID-19 injections are not vaccines at all, but instructions for cells to produce toxic prions forever, that invade organs, clog the vascular system, cripple the immune system, disturb the central nervous system, and CAUSE cancer and miscarriages. Stick to the facts, not the myths repeated a thousand times over by the talking heads who claim to be “experts,” but who present zero validated science to back up their wild claims.

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