Hollywood Brainwashing

Top 6 Ways Hollywood Cons Viewers Into “Consuming” Big Lies About Food, Medicine, Street Drugs, Water, Climate

(Natural News)—It should be renamed Follywood, as the lack of good sense and foolishness embedded in today’s movies and shows should not have the grand influence that it does on the masses, conning them into daily “functions” that fuel their own health and safety demise. Even the commercials are mostly for insane foods, medicines and personal care products that contain contaminants that fuel all the horrific (yet preventable) diseases and disorders we see besieging the believers all across America daily. If you haven’t realized yet, start taking heed of all the scams, swindles and cons embedded into Follywood movies and shows, as if it’s just “normal” life for normal people with normal habits.

  1. Milk Consumption: Thousands of movies and shows feature lead characters filling up a glass with milk to drink, as if it’s normal and healthy to consume, even though conventional milk causes chronic inflammation and often contains hormones, antibiotics and other contaminants.
  2. Global Warming, a.k.a. “Climate Change”: Never has a bigger lie swept the globe faster than fake “climate change,” where humans are all supposed to believe that if Americans stop using gasoline, quit eating meat and scream “climate change” all day, the whole world will be saved from burning up and blowing away (plus dying from pandemics caused by human-warped weather). It’s climate change mass hypnosis, and the liberals are eating it up faster than an obese kid eats candy on Halloween night.
  3. Prescription Medications: Nearly every movie and show has a protagonist who swallows prescription drugs straight from the bottle next to the bed, usually first thing upon waking. Pay no mind that most of these drugs (including vaccines) contain dangerous, lab-concocted formulas that CAUSE disease and disorder, but never heal anything at all.
  4. Food Waste: Oftentimes, characters in movies and shows cook enough food to feed a small army, even though only a few people are eating (who usually only take one bite and leave). It’s common to see an entire kitchen table full of prepared food, fueling the obesity epidemic in America (one in every three people are overweight, and half of those are obese).
  5. Hard Drugs: In most movies and shows, actors who do hard drugs are just fine again within minutes or hours, having no problem functioning with daily life affairs. This is a grand illusion, as most drug addicts quit their jobs, have horrible health issues, become perverted, homeless and desperate for more drugs, plus risk overdose and/or prison with every high.
  6. Tap Water: In nearly every movie and show, at some point, an actor takes an empty glass, walks over to the faucet, turns on the water, fills the glass, then drinks it, like it’s perfectly normal and healthy. After all, it’s just water, right? Wrong. Most U.S. tap water is contaminated with a deadly insecticide called fluoride, that causes cancer, brittle bones, a calcified pineal gland, lowered IQ and does NOT prevent cavities. Check the research.

Get ready to see climate alarmism embedded in 50% of all new shows and movies Hollywood puts out

Eugenicist billionaires are now funding climate alarmists and Hollywood writers to embed climate “change” propaganda into at least HALF of all movies and shows, making characters highly emotional about the whole Ponzi scheme, pretending that it’s real and matters more than anything else ever.

This is the new playbook for “Follywood” and the writers are being commanded (with big payoffs) to make characters act angry and depressed about the fake climate crisis. It’s the “climate emergency fund” and if you don’t support it, you are deemed a domestic terrorist intent on killing everyone and everything that moves on the planet (even though nobody in India or China is attempting to pollute anything any less at all). This may seem like history repeating itself, as Hitler used propaganda films to get the rest of the world to believe in his psychotic schemes of depopulating the world while he attempted to become the sole tyrant.

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