Tom Renz Says Truth-Tellers Exposing Biden-Harris Regime’s Lies Are Still Being Censored and Silenced

(Natural News)—Ohio-based lawyer Thomas “Tom” Renz lamented that truth-tellers who expose the lies of the Biden administration are still being shut down, controlled and censored during the Sept. 26 episode of “Lawfare with Tom Renz” on Brighteon.TV.

He cited Israeli professor Dr. Gal Luft, who has evidence about Hunter Biden’s involvement in China and has disclosed the Biden buyoffs – an issue that wasn’t new, according to Renz. But while there is a reason for Congress to investigate given the existence of court-quality evidence, it would eventually lead to the Central Intelligence Agency‘s connections to the American international bioweapons program.

Luft, the co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, was arrested in Cyprus back in February. According to a BBC article, he was charged with eight counts, “including failing to register as a foreign agent; evading oil sanctions; two counts of making false statements to investigators and three counts of illicit arms trafficking.” But in reality, Renz said Luft’s arrest stemmed from him speaking out against the Biden crime family.

“This is not a surprise. This is the nature of the Biden mob; [Joe] Biden runs this thing like a mob family,” the Brighteon.TV host said. “I mean – they look for money; they look for extortion; they look for bribes; they look for whatever they can, and then they go after you if you tell the truth about it. And so this is what they do.”

Renz also cited Catturd, a commentator on X (formerly Twitter), who got swatted recently for telling the truth. According to InfoWarsthe fraudster called police while pretending to be Catturd and lied about stabbing someone and threatening to commit suicide. This led to law enforcement rushing to his home, a situation that was quickly diffused when the truth came out. (Related: BREAKING: Anon account holder ‘Catturd’ swatted after being doxxed by leftist outlets.)

“Catturd tells the truth; he’s attacking the regime. Once you reach a sufficient threshold of recognition publicly, you are a target. Once you start taking on and causing trouble for these bad guys, they will do whatever they can to take you out,” said the “Lawfare” host.

“They don’t play by the rules. They don’t play fair. They do whatever they can. Now, if we look at what’s happening globally, you can see why they’re taking these steps.”

Renz: Truth-tellers being HUNTED DOWN

According to Renz, the left loves censoring other people due to their immoral and horrible nature, citing Antifa and Black Lives Matter as examples. He also warned that truth-tellers such as him, Luft, Catturd, InfoWars‘ Alex Jones and the Health Ranger Mike Adams are on the hit list – with the leftist tyrants seeking to discredit them and shut down their voices.

“If we tell the truth, people will be aware of the truth. And the thing about it is when you hear the truth, it resonates with you,” Renz said.

“So the only thing that these guys can do is get people to quit telling the truth. They’ve got to shut down the truth-tellers. They’ve got to censor. They’ve got to make sure that the message is completely controlled.”

Renz noted that when the truth makes sense to people, they will no longer believe the lie. Thus, the real fight happens between people pushing for the truth and fighting for it and those who wish to cover it up.

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