Three Reasons You Should Be Skeptical of the Omicron Narrative

Three Reasons You Should Be Skeptical of the Omicron Narrative

One of the great joys of my job is writing headlines. This one was a challenge because I’m fairly certain most who will read this already have a healthy distrust of the various narratives surrounding Covid-19 in general and the “Omicron Variant” in particular. I can hear in my head reactions from people reading the headline.

  • “Duh! Of course we’re skeptical!”
  • “Only three reasons?”
  • “There is no Omicron Variant!”

I ask that those who already share a healthy skepticism for both the Omicron narrative and the push by Big Pharma’s proxies to inject the world with their drugs to bear with me and consider something important. YOU may already understand the interworkings of Pandemic Panic Theater, but the vast majority of Americans do not. They’ve been hammered with so much propaganda over the last two years that far too many have bought into the agenda hook, line, and sinker. My hope is that by illuminating these three (of many) reasons to be skeptical of the narrative, our readers will be better armed to fight the agenda and hopefully bring a few more people into better understanding of what’s being done to us all.

Here are the three reasons to be extremely skeptical of everything that’s being push about the Omicron Variant:

Collusion for Rapid Deployment

The powers-that-be learned a lesson with the Delta Variant. They didn’t properly coordinate the narrative, thinking that the fear and uncertainty seeded by its presence would be enough to get their minions up and running. Instead of everyone jumping on the “Deltapocalypse” bandwagon as they’d hope, the rollout was slowed by a press that wasn’t sure what was happening, world leaders who were not coordinated in their responses, and business leaders not forewarned about their role in it all.

They didn’t make the same mistakes with Omicron. Within hours after the first stories broke regarding the new variant, everyone was covering it and echoing the appropriate scare terms like “heavily mutated” and “spreads rapidly” and “different symptoms from other variants.” Big Tech and their “influencers” chimed in as well.

The powers-that-be also made sure their contacts in the business world caused the biggest Wall Street crash of the year so as to make sure everyone was paying attention. Lastly, they got governments to react in lockstep with lockdowns, extreme draconian measures, and fearmongering.

All of these things in isolation wouldn’t be enough to prove collusion. It’s worthy of suspicion, but it’s feasible that it could all happen without everyone reading from the same playbook. The part they convinces me beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re working from a playbook is the Big Pharma response. They were ready. In fact, there was some who were already working on a “vaccine” for the new variant before the variant was widely known to exist. That, folks, is the smoking gun. They colluded to blast Omicron terror out to the world and were prepared to offer solutions more rapidly than any vaccine response we’ve seen in human history.

Intense Fearmongering Over Mild Symptoms

Those who have seen Omicron in action aren’t concerned by it. The symptoms have been reported as “unusual but mild” by those who first isolated it. Unfortunately, there are too few reporting on this aspect of the disease, opting instead to scream about the end of the world as we know it because Omicron is probably a mega-super-ultra-killer or something.

The saddest part is we’ve already gone though this fire-drill at least three times. The first was when the disease started spreading across the globe. The second was the big “wave” last year, conveniently timed around the 2020 election, when we were told standing in line to vote would probably kill us and all of our loved ones. The most recent was the Delta Variant push. In all three cases, the results from the panic were overblown.

We can and should question the numbers regarding the elderly whose deaths drove the vast majority of statistics demonstrating Covid-19 is a major threat. As for those who are not elderly, Covid-19 has never been a real threat with mortality rates that do not warrant any of the protocols, lockdowns, face mask mandates, or vaccines that have popped up as a result of the lies.

Knowing this, one would think this fourth wave of fearmongering would raise more alarm bells. Nope. Most Americans are buying into the narrative like people experiencing Stockholm Syndrome with the fear that has held them hostage for the past year-and-a-half. I say “most” because I’ve seen limited pushback against the agenda during these early days of Omicron. I hope I’m wrong. I always hope I’m wrong when I believe my fellow Americans are being brainwashed, but I fear that when the first fear-pushing polls come out about the new narrative we’ll find that a plurality if not a majority are very concerned about the variant.

So far, nobody is known to have died from the Omicron Variant. In fact, nobody is known to have had life-threatening symptoms. Most if not all (it’s hard to find the data which tells us it really could be all) of those who have contracted the Omicron Variant were “fully vaccinated.” All of this tells us there is absolutely zero reason to be concerned about it. None. And yet, here we are.

Insanely Perfect Timing

If I were an evil advisor for the architects of The Great Reset and they asked me to find the perfect day to launch the Omicron marketing campaign, I would conclude that Black Friday would fit the bill. The reasons are numerous, but here are just a few that come to mind:

  • Many families still together from Thanksgiving gatherings means rapid deployment of fearful scuttlebutt.
  • Fridays are when news is released to be buried with one major exception. HUGE news is best released on a Friday to let it percolate for the weekend so there can be a full week of discussion that follows.
  • Rolling out the campaign between Thanksgiving and Christmas allows for stark contrast. Millions gathered for Thanksgiving, but far fewer will be allowed or even willing to gather for Christmas if the gaslighting campaign is successful. The differences between the two holidays will be striking and will help drive home the point the powers-that-be want to make: We’re in a new world with Omicron fear driving all agendas.
  • Congress is coming back, and the last thing the architects of The Great Reset want is for people to be paying attention to the massive spending they’re about to pass. Covid-19 is a vehicle for mass vaccination, but it’s also the predicate for Modern Monetary Theory to take hold in the United States. We’re about to see capitalism-crippling legislation fly under most American’s radar as people worry themselves over Omicron.
  • Symbolism. One cannot dismiss the symbolic references of “Black Friday” becoming synonymous with Omicron. From the perspective of the powers-that-be and their perverse sense of humor, what better time to launch the campaign they hope will take down capitalism than on the biggest shopping day of the year?

Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, and Bill Gates are laughing at us. They see what they’ve built and they’re impressed with themselves. They can see their goals within reach.

Friends, we’re being lied to, but you probably already knew that. Now is the time to make as many people as possible aware of the lies. Hammer them with the truth. Even if you can only convince a few, we need as many people aware as we can get.