Three Reasons to Stock Up NOW on Long-Term Storage Food

The preparedness industry is exploding. Not since the Great Depression have more Americans turned their focus toward food security for themselves and their family. The biggest difference between the Great Depression and the current state of affairs in America is that when food shortages hit back then, most people were unprepared because of the sudden nature of the downturn. Today, people are preparing because they can see the writing on the wall.

But as we often say, one does not have to become a “doomsday prepper” in order to take control of their food situation. Yes, those who have been stockpiling for years are in better shape to handle any of the plethora of major events that could trigger food shortages in America this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late…

… at least not quite yet.

“We hear every single day about the things driving people to stock up on beef,” said Jason Nelson, co-founder of Prepper All-Naturals. “There are three things that stand out as the biggest reasons people are turning to long-term storage food.”

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Here are the three reasons Americans are enthusiastically adding shelf-stable food to their pantries, closets, and anywhere else they can store them…

Election – Rioting – Illegal Aliens/Terrorists

Rather than list all of the various domestic challenges keeping people up at night, we’ve consolidated them into one overarching reason: Turmoil. It varies from shopper to shopper what makes them believe 2024 and beyond will see major changes and ongoing strife in the United States, but the three most prevalent are all very valid concerns.

This election year is already the most contentious in modern history as Democrats, Republicans, and everyone in between seem poised to take action before, during, and after the election. It doesn’t take the masses to prompt major issues due to election results. Just a few thousand or even hundreds of discouraged, desperate, and angry voters can incite mass rioting that could cripple the supply chain.

Then, there’s the threat of massive crime spikes or even terrorism on U.S. soil due to the border invasion that’s currently surging. Every week we hear of more people on the terror watch lists being caught at the border. How many are not getting caught?

Foreign Wars

Ukraine. The Middle East. Taiwan. Never since the Cold War has there been a higher chance of the next World War erupting. What was previously inconceivable has now become almost probable. And it’s not just the tensions across the globe. It’s also the fact that our own military seems more concerned about “woke” topics than warfighting. If ever there was a time for our enemies to test us, it would be with Joe Biden as Commander-in-Chief.

If the United States is drawn into or starts a major war, the fragile food infrastructure in the United States could come crumbling down in months. Or weeks. Or days. This is a new development. During past wars the food supply was far more localized. Today, the food supply infrastructure is dependent on not only interstate infrastructure but also foreign imports. Massive chaos caused by war has a high probability of predicating food shortages across the nation.

The Next Great Depression

The once-mighty U.S. Dollar is showing its first signs of total weakness. De-dollarization is rising due to the rapid growth of BRICS as well as the skyrocketing national debt. Central Bank Digital Currencies are being positioned as a foregone conclusion once the structures are put in place. The current high stock market appears to many to be ready for a great fall.

There is no shortage of reasons to believe another Great Depression is possible, especially with the aforementioned illegal alien crisis. The perfect storm for economic collapse is surrounding us. Food is already becoming a premium thanks to inflation. How hard will it be to buy food if the economy truly tanks?

Bonus Reason: Escaping Government Control

“It doesn’t matter how patriotic someone is,” Nelson said. “If given the choice between standing in a FEMA breadline or letting your family starve to death, even the most patriotic will do what government says in order to feed their family if that’s the only option. We strive to give people more options.”

Prepper All-Naturals specializes in high-quality cuts of Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and other premium beef portions. And while only those on the carnivore diet would like to live on beef alone, proteins are under more fire from the powers-that-be than any other food type. Even if wars, election chaos, and economic collapse do not materialize, the war on beef is being waged aggressively by globalists and their climate change activists. They want us eating bugs or lab-grown “meat” even if things turn around before catastrophes strike.

It behooves Americans with the means to stock up on as much quality beef that they can get.

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