Lab-Grown Beef

Three Reasons Lab-Grown “Meat” Must Be Stopped

The globalists really want us to eat bugs. They want us to eat “meat” that was cultured in a Petri dish. They want us fearing cows, farms, and unprocessed foods because supposedly these components of a healthy food supply chain are causing climate change.

That’s the story they’re telling. The reality of their intentions can be traced back to Henry Kissinger who said, “Who controls the food supply can control the people.”

Jason Nelson, co-founder of Prepper All-Naturals, believes there are three reasons lab-grown “beef” in particular is being backed by globalist billionaires and their minions.

“This is all about control and beef is at the center of their agenda,” Nelson said. “This is why long before we even launched our company, my family was stocking up on long-term storage steaks.”

The three reasons Nelson cited as threats coming from those promoting lab-grown “meat” are:

  1. Skyrocketing Beef Prices: Before the first mass-produced lab-grown beef products are distributed in the United States, beef prices have already been going up dramatically. Beef inflation is outpacing price hikes in other foods and we have yet to feel the full effects of the challenges facing the cattle industry. As the powers-that-be push for lab-grown “meat,” they will not allow ranchers or food distributors to mitigate price hikes on beef. In fact, they’ll do whatever they can to make real beef cost-prohibitive so they can force fake beef onto the masses.
  2. Unknown Health Risks: Protein is absolutely essential for people to survive and thrive. Lab-grown “meat” mimics real meat protein in ways that cannot be predicted. They are rushing to get them on the shelves despite the fact that there are no long-term studies about adverse reactions or health dangers. It’s like the old sugar substitutes that were revealed to be carcinogenic decades after being distributed to the masses. The difference between sugar substitutes and meat substitutes is that the lab-grown “meat” is far more genetically modified than fake sugar.
  3. Ranches Will Be Taken Over or Shut Down: There is a growing anxiety in the cattle rancher industry that their life’s work is under attack. They’re not being paranoid. Cattle ranchers across the country and around the globe are being targeted. As one Texas rancher told us, “It feels like every deck is getting stacked against us and the cultivated beef they’re pushing is their kill shot.”

He may be more right than he realizes.

Nelson, a combat disabled veteran and former congressional candidate, believes that high-quality all-American beef is essential for people to be able to prepare themselves for whatever is to come. Prepper All-Naturals offers Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and other premium cuts that are cooked sous vide, then freeze-dried so they remain shelf-stable for 25-years.

“More Americans are becoming ‘preppers’ to some extent this year,” Nelson said. “It’s understandable considering what we see happening around us and what we anticipate around the corner.

“But one does not have to be living in a bunker in order to prepare themselves or their family. Just a few 12-serving bags stashed in the closet can be the difference between eating real food and being stuck in a future cricket-burger line.”

Being prepared is one thing, but is it possible to prevent lab-grown “meat” from being normalized in America? Nelson believes we can stop it and there are already plenty of efforts underway to do just that.

“We stay abreast of all initiates to stop lab-grown ‘beef’ from hitting grocery shelves and restaurant plates,” he said. “We are working with freedom-loving leaders to stop not only lab-grown ‘beef’ but also other threats to the food supply such as mRNA injections and meat products tainted by secretive foreign imports.”

Americans can support the company, their ranchers, and their own families by purchasing long-term storage beef from Prepper All-Naturals.

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