Alex Stein

Three Minutes of Alex Stein Trolling a School Board Over Lack of Transgender Policies

Alex Stein is rising as a bold comedian who points out the lunacy of the radical leftism rising across America (though some point out the “rise” is actually manufactured corporate media narrative, but I digress). His latest video is a masterclass on making the most of a three-minute speech in front of a woke school board.

“My name is Marty Epstein,” he started, introducing himself using his stage name. “I’m a former writer for the New York Times and editor at BuzzFeed. I currently teach political science at Southwest High School.”


“Well, also working part time at my local Starbucks for the fact that they are paying for my six-year old, openly gay transgender offspring’s gender transition surgery as well as providing unlimited hormone blockers and access to abortion,” he continued. “But anyways, let me get into the reason I’m here today, then circle back if we have any time left. Our superintendent refuses to really put his foot down with this transphobia and he failed to get transgender restrooms, and I am sickened.”

The funniest part is trying to figure out when the school board members realized they were being trolled. That’s the sad reality we live in today when actual speeches by woke activists don’t sound very different from spoof speeches by comedians. Watch:

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