Three “Crazy” Reasons Beef Prices Are Going to Skyrocket

It doesn’t matter how shocking beef prices are today. Tomorrow, they’re almost certainly going to be even more shocking. In fact, the normalization of beef as a “premium” food is already in progress. It’s hard to find a fast food burger under $4, and they’re generally made with low quality foreign beef rife with fillers and chemicals.

This isn’t just Bidenomics having its way with the American people. There is a concerted effort to not only reduce beef consumption, but to eliminate it altogether. We’ve discussed before how the powers-that-be intend to promote lab-grown “meat,” insect products, and plant-based meat-alternatives as the primary sources of protein in American diets, but now the foundation is in place to turn those intentions into reality.

This is why beef prices are rising. It’s why it’s a safe bet that prices will skyrocket in the near future. Here are three “crazy” reasons to not only anticipate the price of normal beef products to become cost-prohibitive, but to proactively address the issue for you and your family.

“Natural” Attacks on Beef

Some are discussing conspiracy theories surrounding weather control and manufactured natural crises as methods to drive the agenda, but one does not need to wear a tinfoil hat to see that there are clearly changes in factors that contribute to farming and ranching. Droughts are real and becoming more common in areas that cattle normally roam.

As noted by Kennedy Hayes as Fox Business:

America is running low on cows, according to new numbers out this week from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The figures show ranchers have fewer cattle and that is contributing to the cost of beef being more expensive.

According to the USDA, nationwide beef cattle inventory dropped to 28.2 million this year — the lowest level since the 1970s and down 2% from a year ago.

Agricultural economists say persistent drought over the last three years, along with high input costs and inflation are putting pressure on both consumers and farmers.

Either the powers-that-be were somehow able to manufacture the crisis ranchers are facing or they’re being opportunistic. Their “luck” is aiding in achieving their end goals of pricing quality beef out of range for most Americans.

Climate Change Cult

The ringleaders of the Climate Change Cult have used faulty science and corporate media mouthpieces to promote the narrative that cows are causing global warming. This flies in the face of real studies showing there were far more cattle, especially in the form of buffalo, roaming North America in centuries past. It also completely ignores studies that show manufacturing lab-grown meat is up to 25 times more damaging to the environment than raising cows in a pasture.

The narrative has been set and the provocateurs have their marching orders. “Cows are bad,” they tell their acolytes. Pressure is being applied. Supply chains are being attacked. It won’t be long before the idiotic vandals who glue their hands to roads or throw tomato soup on art realize they must resort to full-blown domestic terrorism if they’re going to make an impact. Cultist escalation is inevitable. Thank God most self-respecting ranchers are armed.


Citizens have been fighting back, especially in Europe. We’re seeing farmers and rancher protesting the climate change agenda that’s in the process of putting them out of business. In the United States, cattlemen organizations that have not been bought off are taking actions to save the industry. This is all good news.

Unfortunately, the Globalist Elite Cabal has counterattacks ready. It’s not inconceivable that the various cattle industries across western society will be nationalized through public-private partnerships that give bureaucrats, technocrats, and plutocrats control over not just beef, but all food. Conspiracy theorists have been warning about this for decades but only today are we seeing that the groundwork has been laid for such a catastrophic occurrence.

They will say they’re doing it to engage in price controls to “save” the industries but as we’ve learned time and again such control measures have the opposite effect. Under the guise of helping the people, they will inflict tremendous harm.

As Henry Kissinger allegedly said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people.”

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