Thomas Massie

Thomas Massie Explains Why He Voted Against Resolution Supporting Ukraine

H.Res.956 — “Supporting the people of Ukraine” — was overwhelmingly passed this week with only three members of Congress voting Nay. Among those was Thomas Massie from Kentucky who explained his reasoning to Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

“Look, we fully support the people of Ukraine for their right to self-determination. And that was basically the middle of this resolution, but this resolution ended up to be seven pages. And I think it runs the risk of escalating the conflict in Ukraine and drawing us into it.

“For instance, it guarantees that we will have ‘defensive security assistance to Ukrainians.’ What does that term mean? It’s so broad that it could mean boots on ground. Or some of my colleagues in the House and the Senate have already called for a no fly zone. Can you imagine that, that the US would be engaging Russian jets, shooting them down to impose a no fly zone? We shouldn’t be playing chicken with a nuclear power and we certainly shouldn’t be shooting down jets that they have.

“It also expands the US commitment to Belarus. It condemns the leader of Belarus and implies that we should overthrow him. Can we get through the situation in Ukraine before we expand the conflict to Belarus? I would hope so. And then finally it calls for crippling sanctions on Russia. Now look, the sanctions that we have now, I agree with your previous guests on this.

“They’re really not going to affect Russia that much. But if we have crippling sanctions on Russia, number one we run the risk of alienating those protesters who are pushing against Putin if we end up starving them out. And number two, you think inflation is bad now and hurting the poor, wait until you see what happens…”

Massie, Matt Rosendale of Montana and Paul Gosar of Arizona are correct. The resolution was too broad, leaving far too much ambiguity for NeoCons and Democrats to use as a means to push war with Russia. As for the sanctions, I’ve bounced back and forth on whether they need to be more crippling or not. I have begun leaning towards Massie’s perspectives for a slightly different reason. It’s not that I’m worried about what happens with the protesters in Russia. My concern is that crippling sanctions will hurt both Russia and America’s economy but still won’t convince Vladimir Putin to call back his attacks.

Why do harm to Americans if it won’t be effective?

There is a lot of symbolism in the House Resolution to garner support, but the reality of it is far less peachy. If I had been in Congress, I would have been the fourth Nay vote.

Image by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.