Thomas Massie Continues to Be One of the Lone Voices on Capitol Hill Truly Fighting the Covid Lies

Thomas Massie Is One of the Lone Voices on Capitol Hill Truly Fighting the Covid Lies and His Latest Tweets are Fire

Patriots could count on one hand the members of Congress and the Senate who are truly “based.” There is plenty of conservative and populist rhetoric but when it comes time to take a real stand against the foul policies in DC coming from both parties, very few are willing to truly rise.

Arguably the most important issue right now is the medical tyranny spreading across the nation. While many if not most Republicans oppose the vaccine mandates, they usually frame their arguments around freedom. That’s fine, but in today’s political atmosphere there are far too many Americans who have been gaslighted into believing it’s okay to betray our freedoms for the sake of a false perception of safety and security.

The better argument that needs to be made is one that exposes the agenda in play. Most Republicans won’t touch that topic with a ten-foot Tweet. They don’t dare take the brave stand of opposing the unambiguous corruption between the CDC, FDA, and Big Pharma because doing so may get them labeled as “anti-vaxxers” and be used against them during fundraising season.

Congressman Thomas Massie has no qualms going after the false narratives being spread by our own government, propagated by mainstream media and supported through Big Tech censorship. He doesn’t bow to Anthony Fauci and he has no issues with exposing their lies.


He even takes the time to address trolls from time to time with truthbombs:

Another gem popped up this morning which I will write separately about because it’s an extremely important topic, but in the meantime…

We are being lied to constantly. The people who are supposed to expose the lies, namely our own government and mainstream media, are the ones who generally prop them up instead. It’s good to follow Thomas Massie for the truth.

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.