Thomas Massie Asks What GOP Will Do With a Majority and Matt Gaetz has Some Ideas

Thomas Massie Asks What GOP Will Do With a Majority and Matt Gaetz has Some Ideas

Liberty-minded Republican Congressman Thomas Massie took to Twitter to ask for ideas about what Republicans will do if they get the majority back on Capitol Hill. He often notes that there are a lot people chattering but not many concrete proposals. He referenced Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America” from 1994 as an example of why we need solid ideas instead of constant bellyaching about Democrats.

“Congressional Republicans should tell Americans what we will do if voters give us back the majority. We need something like the 1994 Contract with America. Rather than tweet a thread with my ideas, I’m asking you to submit your ideas in the comments.”

Populist Republican Matt Gaetz had some ideas.

“Militarize the Border. Seize CCP assets in the US to pay off $5 trillion in COVID reparations. Distribute funds to Americans. Vindicate the liberty interests of our citizens by repealing vax mandates, supporting free speech and breaking up big tech.”

With so much strife in DC and only the most radically progressive proposals seeing the light of day with Nancy Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair, circumstances are ripe for a massive red wave in 2022. But Massie is right. There are far too many milquetoast generalizations being tossed out with only limited ideas of how to actually fix the various messes we’ve found ourselves in.

What Gaetz offered represents three of the most important components of our national recovery. We need to bring an immediate end to the invasion at the southern border. It has been untenable for months and continues to get worse every day. As a legal immigrant, I am very much in favor of making sure everyone who comes into this nation does so through a legal process.

As for the Chinese Communist Party’s ambiguous role in spreading Covid-19, Gaetz is adopting the Trump proposal of making China pay. At the very least, the CCP subverted efforts to stop the spread of the disease by withholding crucial information in the beginning. At worst, they actively participated in its creation and spread across the globe. Either way, they should pay for the tremendous damage they’ve done to society.

Ending vaccine mandates is a no-brainer, as is supporting free speech and everything in the Bill of Rights. Breaking up Big Tech is a contentious issue, but there are ways to end the tyranny of companies like Meta (Facebook) and Alphabet (Google) that should be proposed. We need concrete details and an extreme level of resolve to make it happen and the GOP needs to lead the way.

If conservatives, populists, and libertarians can come together to fight the left as well as the Republican Establishment, the GOP can again become a force that fights for the American people.