This Resurfaced 2013 Video of Gruesome Newsom Getting Destroyed by a Comedian Is Why He Won't Debate Larry Elder

This Resurfaced 2013 Video of Gruesome Newsom Getting Destroyed by a Comedian Is Why He Won’t Debate Larry Elder

The lore behind embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom is far more favorable than reality. He’s known among Democrats as being a strong orator and adequate debater. But rumors of reality seeping past the legend have prompted many to believe the reason he won’t debate Republican frontrunner Larry Elder — or anyone else for that matter — is because he’s really only a good orator on paper.

A resurfaced video from a debacle of an interview he did in 2013 with podcaster/comedian Adam Carolla should act as crystal clear evidence that outside of very easy situations in front of friendly audiences with a teleprompter, Newsom really isn’t very formidable. He had multiple opportunities to fire back at Carolla and set the record straight regarding his perspectives on the Black and Hispanic communities but instead kept falling back on rehearsed talking points that only work with a friendly audience.

“Half of African-Americans in the state of California and roughly half of Latino families have no access to a checking account or an ATM, things we take for granted,” Newsom began, echoing his talking points.

Carolla asked, “What’s wrong with them?”

What followed was a devastatingly awkward series of attempted responses as Newsom failed to tiptoe around the issue. He tried his best to do what Democrats have been doing for decades — convince Black and Hispanic voters that they need the Democrats’ help without directly saying they need this help because the party views them as inferior. The inherent racism within Democratic Party leadership has always been a sticking point, but they’ve mastered the art of telling minorities they need help while ignoring the reasons why they need this help.

The best-kept secret in socioeconomic circles is that Democratic policies are designed to perpetuate the welfare state and keep poor families beholden to government. Newsom has been particularly effective at this, first in San Francisco and now in the whole state, as his policies do little to lift people out of poverty but continue to force the poor to become government dependents indefinitely.

The recall of Gavin Newsom has major national implications that must not be ignored. Policy from the state often becomes policy in Washington DC, especially with Democrat control of the House, Senate, and White House. Moreover, Larry Elder and other Republicans have signaled that if they win, Senator Dianne Feinstein will be replaced by a Republican, shifting the power in the Senate back to the GOP.

No politician has ever had a wider gap between his legend and reality than Gavin Newsom. On paper, he’s a great candidate, but time and again he proves he’s feeble and not very bright. This is just another example to throw on the pile.