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At This Point, Election Interference Is Basically a Government Policy . . . But Only the Left Is Allowed to Use It

(WND News Center)—You saw it again Tuesday night on TV – in spades. What you witnessed was official election interference. We’ve seen it consistently since 2020, since Jan. 6, since Donald J. Trump’s big victory was stolen before his eyes.

How did it happen?

According to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, here’s exactly how it worked. In 2023, there was an attempted coup when allies of Karl Rove tried to remove him from office and turn Texas over to an election fraud outfit. It was unsuccessful. Paxton beat the rap. He beat back a Senate trial on articles of impeachment. Keep in mind, Rove is still the man who calls the shots on Fox TV – that, in itself, is another example of election interference. It never stops for Donald Trump.

In September, Paxton explained how it worked to Tucker Carlson – including how the cheating in 2020 worked.

Tucker Carlson: “They stopped counting votes on election night.”

Ken Paxton: “Because what they needed to figure out was how many real votes there were so they could figure out how many mail in ballots to apply to the election. That’s what they would have done in Texas, I’m convinced.”

Carlson: “So you think that was fraud, right?”

Paxton: “I have no doubt, having been through that whole process.”

Carlson: “It wasn’t just a water leak.”

Paxton: “It was definitely planned. I mean, it would have happened in Texas, I promise.”

Carlson: “But can you just stop counting ballots on election night whenever you’re watching TV? Oh, I know.”

Paxton: “I’ve never seen it before in my life. I was like, I knew it when they stopped and Trump is leading in all these states. I knew exactly what they were doing. Because there’s no way to know where those mail in ballots came. Anybody could have filled them out. Anybody. There’s no way to know where those ballots came from.”

Carlson: “That’s not a dangerous conspiracy theory.”

Paxton: “I watched it happen.”

What happened? Overnight, Democrats dumped hundreds of thousands of mysterious votes for Joe Biden into the battleground states.

Now, election interference takes many forms – Trump faces lawfare today. He’s been charged with multiple felony counts. Now Nikki Haley uses baskets of Democratic money to stay in the race. Even the RNC is sick of the fraud. It’s so obvious – but ordinary Americans are not used to this.

Tucker didn’t believe it until the raid on Mar-a-Largo. And then he got it. We’re each picking up on reality slowly but surely.

Expect more of the same kind of fraud this year.

Even Joe Biden played the election-denier card a couple of days ago, like this: “Hello, Virginia! And the real governor, Terry McAuliffe!”

Trump gets charged with treason for such complaints.

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