This Monologue by Will Cain on Our “Banana Republic” Must Be Heard and Shared by All

Are we living in a banana republic? The vast majority of Americans believe so, and if they didn’t before the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home, then they likely do now. The partisanship and lopsided control of our two-tiered justice system is rapidly deconstructing any trust there once was in the way our government operates.

Fox News host Will Cain, sitting in for Tucker Carlson, gave one of the most important opening monologues I’ve ever heard. He cut to the core of what the raid on Trump’s home really tells us about our Justice Department. More importantly, he told us why we should have no faith in the FBI after they ignored the unambiguous crimes of people like Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Swalwell while they try to manufacture crimes committed by a former President of the United States.


However bad you think things are in America today, it’s probably worse. That’s not a “doom and gloom” statement. It’s an expression of the reality we’re facing today. At least with a banana republic the people are aware that their leaders are corrupt. In America today, it seems like only half the country is aware of that. The rest are cheering it on.