Erica Marsh

This Is the Democrat Party in One Ultra-Racist Tweet From a Former Biden Campaign Staffer

Nobody seems to know who Erica Marsh really is. The Twitter account claims to be “Proud Democrat: Former Field Organizer to elect President Biden. Volunteer for the Obama Foundation.” Whoever she is, she continues to post Tweets that rile up conservatives and expose the actual mindset of Democrats.

Her latest round of “saying the quiet part out loud” following the Supreme Court ruling against systemic racism in college admissions is a doozy:

Today’s Supreme Court decision is a direct attack on Black people. No Black person will be able to succeed in a merit-based system which is exactly why affirmative-action based programs were needed. Today’s decision is a TRAVESTY!!!

She later tried to “clarify” (aka “backtrack”) with a feeble attempt at justifying racism, Tweeting:

Allow me to clarify this tweet, which is being manipulated for propaganda and misinformation by ULTRA MAGA.

The intention of my tweet is to highlight that prior to affirmative action, there existed a supposedly merit-based system for Black individuals to gain admission to colleges. However, these institutions employed racial profiling to prevent Black individuals from attending under the guise of this “merit” system.

I want to emphasize that my statement in no way suggests that Black individuals are less intelligent than people of other races.

To be clear, I’m very skeptical. My limited research couldn’t find an “Erica Marsh” attached to the Biden-Harris regime or the campaign. I couldn’t find much on her at all outside of Twitter, which is always a red flag. Considering she’s made minor news in the past for inflammatory Tweets, I’d give it a 30% chance that “she” is actually a troll account from someone who either wants to paint Democrats poorly or who just wants to rant about Republicans without fear of repercussions.

But here’s the thing. Whoever “Erica Marsh” is, “she” really is expressing what Democrats actually think. Anyone who believes that affirmative action, particularly in education, is necessary in modern America MUST believe that persons of color are mentally inferior. There’s no way around that. The NY Times posted as much in an article and on a Twitter post [emphasis added]:

The Supreme Court rejected affirmative action at Harvard and UNC. The major ruling curtails race-conscious college admissions in the U.S., all but ensuring that elite institutions become whiter and more Asian and less Black and Latino.

In other words, the NY Times and the vast majority of Democrats believe Black and Latino students are intellectually below White and Asian students. There’s absolutely no other way to reconcile the attacks on the SCOTUS ruling.

Erica Marsh may or may not have ever worked for Joe Biden, but her words echo the feelings from the shadows of most radical leftists in America today.

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