This Is Mental Illness: Men Claiming to Be Women Are Inserting Frozen Tomato Paste Into Themselves to “Mimic a Period”

Every time we think the insanity associated with the transgender supremacy movement has reached its peak, we hear news that blows away our worst expectations. This is a sickness, as conservative pundit Ashley St. Claire recently reported on Twitter:

I had to dig deeper to make sure this wasn’t some sick satire. It’s not. The combination of complete depravity and unambiguous mental illness continues to ramp up in the most ludicrous ways. It’s enough to make one lose hope in this nation’s redemption.

But that doesn’t mean we should stop fighting it. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be who want to destroy America realize that this extreme version of Cultural Marxism is the fastest path through which the United States can self immolate before the altar of globalism. This is why “gender dysphoria” was once rightly considered to be a mental disorder. Today, it’s being normalized in ways that defy both logic and science.

Wokeness is literally killing us. It’s also making us stupid, and considering the direction we’re heading I’m not sure which fate is worse.