This Is Kiev Today

Beach Pics Tell a Very Different Story From the One the Globalists Are Selling

After sinking $40 billion from U.S. taxpayers into saving Ukraine from Russia, one would expect to see freedom fighters hunkering down, citizens of Kiev hiding in bomb shelters, and Ukraine’s leaders in their command center contemplating their strategies. But that hasn’t been the case, not for a while, and images emerging from Ukraine’s capital have many on Twitter asking questions.

According to The Daily Mail:

Residents of Kyiv were out in their droves on Saturday to make the most of 34 degree temperatures, with hundreds enjoying the sunshine on the city’s central beach – just weeks after Ukraine’s capital came under siege from Russia’s invading armies and rocket strikes levelled buildings and killed civilians.

Pictures from the banks of the Dnieper river that courses through Kyiv showed people lounging in the sun, swimming in the water and playing games of volleyball, with the city’s skyline seen across the river.

Earlier this year, the same view of the city would have featured smoke rising above the skyline as Russian shells bombarded Kyiv and Ukrainian defenders fought to keep their would-be conquerors from reaching its centre.

Back then, snow covered much of the city. Now, the summer weather has coincided with relative peace after Vladimir Putin’s armies were pushed back from the capital and redeployed in eastern Ukraine.

It certainly seems very different from the story we’re being told. By no means am I suggesting there isn’t death and destruction brought on by Russia’s invasion, but I’ve long argued that this is a regional conflict between neighbors that does not need our attention, let alone billions of our dollars during an economic crisis.

Some on Twitter reacted:

On one hand, it’s great to see some normalcy returning to the war-torn nation. On the other hand, this is a reminder that corporate media and government propaganda are used to drive the globalists’ narrative.