This Is It: Netanyahu Promises “Mighty Vengeance” Against Hamas, Warns Gaza Residents to Get Out

The Middle East powder keg is blowing up. Will this end quickly or are we at the beginning of a protracted event?

For most of our lifetimes, Israel has been in conflict with someone in the Middle East. Skirmishes and short-term wars have engulfed the Jewish nation off and on for decades. But this latest attack by Hamas is different. It’s visceral with not only the rocket attacks but with Hamas terrorists going door-to-door in Israeli towns murdering civilians, kidnapping girls, and engaging in the most despicable forms of attacks possible.

Hamas is fighting like savages with no regard for the lives of citizens. Israeli Prime Minister and the rest of his government appear to be done with pandering to those who want them annihilated.

According to Times of Israel:

In an address to the nation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to use “all the power” of the IDF to destroy Hamas’s capabilities, and tells Gaza’s residents to “get out now.”

Calling today’s events something “never before seen in Israel,” he vows to ensure “it will never happen again.”

He begins by saying Hamas “invaded Israeli territory this morning,” and started a “cruel and evil war,” targeting innocent civilians young and old.

“We will win this war, but the price will be unbearably heavy,” he says.

“Hamas wants to murder us all,” Netanyahu says, “murdering children and mothers in their homes, in their beds.

“It is an enemy that kidnaps elderly people, children, young girls,” an enemy “that massacres and slaughters our civilians, our children, who simply wanted to enjoy the festival.”

“What happened today has never been seen before in Israel and I will ensure it never happens again. The entire government supports this decision. The IDF will immediately use all its power to destroy Hamas’s capabilities,” he says. “We will fight them to the bitter end and avenge this black day they plotted for Israel and its people.”

Israel will target Hamas everywhere — turning the places it “hides and operates” into “cities of ruin.”

He tells the “residents of Gaza” to “get out now because we will operate everywhere and with full force.”

It’s unclear what they’re going to do, and that’s by design. But knowing Israel has weaponry and training that far exceeds any of their enemies, it can be assumed that they will finally engage in the type of asymmetric warfare necessary to cripple or even eliminate the Hamas threat for a very long time.

On a side note, I’m very concerned about this entire string of events. This scenario has my internal alarm bells ringing. Rarely do I dedicate so much of The Liberty Daily or Discern Report‘s homepages to a single topic when it’s not an election, but it feels like we are witnessing the early stages of an historic event. I hope I’m wrong. I hope that Israel can quickly cripple Hamas and send a message that they will no longer pander to the United Nations and their unambiguous bias favoring enemies of both Israel and the United States. But something tells me this is about to get really bad. Stay frosty.

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