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“This Is It”: Investors Hesitant to Buy Precious Metals See Federal Reserve’s Moves as Signs to Act

Everything from the value of the U.S. Dollar to consumer spending to the stock market are driven in part by sentiment from investors both great and small. That sentiment is expected to shift dramatically in the coming weeks as the Federal Reserve raise rates while telegraphing a dovish future.

“Despite the ‘higher for longer’ rhetoric from officials, a more marked decline in core inflation and easing in labor market conditions in the second half of this year will eventually persuade the Fed to pivot and cut rates aggressively next year,” said Paul Ashworth, chief North America economist at Capital Economics.

This has everyone from hedge funds to central banks themselves buying up gold and silver. It’s not universal; there are those who see gold prices staying where they are for the near-term. But the real questions isn’t about gold and silver rising or falling. What keeps investors up at night is concern about everything outside of precious metals.

Will the stock market plummet? Is the U.S. Dollar about to take a major hit? Will BRICS really roll out a gold-backed currency? And the biggest question of all for professional prognosticators in finance is whether a Central Bank Digital Currency is coming to America sooner rather than later.

Combined with expected rate hikes from the Fed, even hedge funds who have been traditionally bearish about precious metals are betting that prices will soar in the near future.

“This is it,” said a senior analyst at Swissquote Bank who asked not to be named. “Publicly we’re told to read the hawkish tea leaves but privately we’re talking about how we can quietly get more gold and even silver.”

This isn’t just a move being considered by hedge fund managers and central bankers. American citizens who want to protect their wealth or retirement have two strong options depending on if they’re looking for pure bullion or investment metals:

  • Advisor Metals works specifically with bullion in the form of rounds and bars. They discreetly ship bullion to their customers’ homes for purchases as low as $2,500 with no upper limit. They can also build a bullion-backed IRA for retirement savings.
  • Genesis Gold Group specializes in rollover, transfer, or funded self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. Their focus is on numismatic coins that have the highest potential for appreciation. Those who seek the hedge of precious metals to back their retirements should contact Genesis today.

But Americans shouldn’t look at gold and silver as short-term investments, according to both Ira Bershatsky at Advisor Metals and Jonathan Rose at Genesis Gold Group. They agree that precious metals are for long-term hedging against poor economic and political conditions.

“I’m very happy with the gold price. It’s performed exceptionally well, reflecting a lot of the economic uncertainty in the world,” said Steve Land, lead portfolio manager of Franklin Templeton. “I’m not complaining about $1,950.”

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