Mar-a-Lago (1)

They’ve Been Here All Week: Supporters Still Lining Streets on Way to Mar-a-Lago Following Monday’s FBI Raid

Whenever there’s injustice done to someone popular, we can expect supporters of victims to flock to the scene of the “crime” to show support as well as to protest those committing the injustice. This usually lasts a day. Sometimes two. For Donald Trump following the raid of his Mar-a-Lago home, supporters have been there lining the streets since Monday night and they show no signs of letting up any time soon.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden can barely get 10 people to line the streets near one of his vacation homes and most of those who show up are there to catch video of him falling off his bike or sniffing kids.

Here’s what a truly popular president can expect from supporters:

Some say Trump’s support is fading. But recent rallies and this show of unbridled support seem to indicate the opposite. Did the Biden-Harris regime and Deep State just make Trump more popular than ever?

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