They Knew_ FBI, Corporate Media Lied About the Texas Synagogue Terrorist's Motives

They Knew: FBI, Corporate Media Lied About the Texas Synagogue Terrorist’s Motives

For over 48 hours after a Muslim terrorist held hostages at a synagogue in Texas last week, the FBI and the Biden-Harris regime pretended like they had no idea what motivated the attack. Corporate media echoed the sentiment, refraining from discussing the terrorist’s radicalized history or the fact that he was on the terrorist watch list.

Both were lying. The White House and corporate media were very well aware of the motives behind the attack, but kept the truth from the public until interest in the story died down. Now, we know that the deceased suspect had been claiming or years to “want to kill Jews.”

In case there’s any doubt, information about the suspect and his motives was publicly available. Both the FBI and corporate journalists have easy access to this information and were well aware of his history even as they pretended there were still questions about his motives.

They lied to us to support a narrative. That’s it. They wanted to wait until most of America had turned away from coverage before revealing what they knew all along. This was a radical Islamic terrorist who wanted fellow terrorists released and who wanted to kill Jews. His motives for attacking a synagogue were blatant, yet our government and their shills in corporate media kept their knowledge hidden.