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There’s a Plan to Steal the Election; Will God Intervene?

(WND News Center)—The America we know hangs by a frayed thread attached to a pendulum of moral and biblical decay. I’m convinced that the zeitgeist of today will come to a near abrupt end, if God’s plan for the immediacy doesn’t include a second term for President Trump. My outlook or prognostication, if you will, extends to Israel as well.

The health, wealth and blessing of America rests heavily upon its treatment of Israel. Specific to that point, since the restoration of the Jewish State in 1948, no U.S. president in history has treated Israel with the concern and respect of Donald Trump.

If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly (as the saying goes) – and nothing persuades me that I’m not reading them correctly – there’s a plan in place to sabotage President Trump and also sabotage Israel.

We’re watching the dissimulation of biblical, historical and social reality at an unprecedented pace. That notwithstanding, we’re also watching a level of ad hominem attack of President Trump, his family and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including Israel as a whole, that goes beyond the attacks of personal destruction.

The lead-up to the catastrophic period the Word of God prophesies doesn’t just happen over night. It happens over a period of time and events. I believe that Jimmy Carter’s orchestrated, i.e., planned, failures and betrayals contributed, as did Clinton’s failures and disinterest in the apprehension of Osama bin Laden.

George W. Bush’s failures came in the form of rewards to Dick Cheney’s dark relationship with Blackwater. Bush masked his betrayal of America with targeted tax cuts and falsification of what he and his family actually stood for and believed.

But, it was Obama for whom the stage was set, as he said, Oct. 30, 2008, in Columbia, Missouri: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.“

People should remember that it was Hillary Clinton, who claimed to be “co-president” with her husband, who advocated that “it takes a village” to raise our children. Carter established the Department of Education, which is nothing more than a demonic temple where the inculcation of revisionist historical fact and truth began. As stated, Hillary advocated that government would combine their efforts with cultural groups in the indoctrination of our children. But, it was Obama who brought us to where we are today.

The most overlooked verbiage of all the lies he told leading up his installment as Sodomite Czar was his usage of the word “fundamentally.” The media, both the right and the left-leaning apparatchiks, focused attention upon the verbiage, “transforming the United States of America.” And their sleight of hand worked.

The word “fundamentally” was the key word, and only a few of us caught it. The word fundamental goes to the very core and every foundational principle of propriety and sanctity we hold as a socio-structural construct dating back to the very beginning of our nation.

We had a succession of so-called leaders who openly and in the case of the Bush family clandestinely championed the systematic extermination of children. Bush 43’s wife was and remains rabidly pro-baby killing by any means, including abortion.

It was Obama the toothy sodomite with a wife, who comported herself like a cheap, classless, grotesquely unattractive, common streetwalker, who brought it all together.

It was Obama who instituted the transmogrification of children from being loved by parents to behavioral conditioning designed to reduce them into believing that embracing insanity was meritorious. It was under Obama’s Satanic leadership that the global mindset of transgenderism and puberty blockers ad nauseum began. Obama believed sexual exploitation of children from kindergarten to fifth grade was not only acceptable, but necessary.

Global sexual trafficking reached unparalleled levels. Under Obama courts punished parents that refused to accommodate depravity for the children. It was under Obama that every form of sadistic childhood and adolescent perversion, including children having their bodies butchered and mutilated, was introduced.

It was President Donald Trump who interrupted the assault of depravity being carried out upon families. Not only was he an outsider, but his policies undermined the massive fortunes being made at the expense of children.

The stealing of the election is 2020 will pale in comparison to what both sides of the aisle are devising to ensure President Trump loses in 2024. If the enemies of We the People are successful in stopping Trump, I submit it will signal the end of America and Israel. Remember Israel is hated and America has long been envied.

Listen to how the so-called conservative news outlets are reporting on President Trump. Ask yourself how Donald Trump can be trailing suddenly in national polls? Ask yourself how Donald Trump, who has had double-digit leads for nearly all of the campaign season, compared to Biden’s abysmal poll showings, can now suddenly, immediately before the debate, be losing the race?

I trust neither Democrat nor the Republican elite. Something is afoot, and the only way it doesn’t come to fruition is if God Almighty intervenes to turn things around.

Additionally, Americans have watched Obama/Biden weaponize the Department of Justice against innocent people, while turning a blind eye to the brutish animals who burned down entire neighborhoods, defaced and destroyed taxpayer owned buildings, committed murder, mayhem and took over streets.

The DOJ now views Christians, libertarians/conservatives, Second Amendment supporters and MAGA supporters, i.e., Trump supporters, as domestic threats and terrorists. Agencies are given secret permission to clandestinely spy on those of us so identified.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve supported Donald J. Trump from Day 1 of his announcement in 2016; and I support as enthusiastically today. But, my faith is not in President Trump. My faith is in the will of God. Because no matter what happens this election or the one after, what matters is what you and I do with the time remaining.

Every Christian and every demon of hell knows what is going to happen to Obama, Biden, Hillary and their ilk. They’re going to burn in hell. I didn’t say that. God’s Word says it. Let them argue with Him or repent and accept Christ as their Savior if they don’t like the truth.

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