There’s a Shocking Correlation Between Getting Vaxxed and Pushing for War With Russia

Those who have been at least triple-jabbed are far more likely to want to escalate Western conflict with Russia than those who have not received Covid injections, according to a recent survey in Canada. And before anyone jumps in and says, “but that’s in Canada,” please stipulate there’s a high degree of certainty that the jabbed vs unjabbed mentality is closely tied between Americans and Canadians.

Here’s the graphic posted by Human Events show host Jack Posobiec:

Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed Ukraine

Posobiec gave a Spock-like one-word commentary on the information: “Fascinating.”

All of the escalation moves proposed in the survey have been identified by Russia as potential war-sparking incidents. From imposing tougher economic sanctions to sending military equipment, these measures that the triple-jabbed support 4-1 are opposed by the unjabbed by even higher margins. Only 13% of the unvaccinated think we need to seize assets of Russian oligarchs associated with Vladimir Putin compared to 85% of the triple-vaxxed.

What does this tell us? Those who are seeking a logical answer would say that the embrace of government authoritarianism and a desire for the powers-that-be to always #DoSomething in a crisis compels them to be more willing to escalate. Those with conspiratorial minds might argue that the jabs are a form of mind-control that tickle the aggression centers in our brain. I tend to be more straight-forward with my assessment. People who got the jabs have shown they’re easier to manipulate than those who have not.

Whatever your take is on this data, it truly is fascinating. Frankly, I wouldn’t have expected such a clear-cut correlation between getting jabbed and wanting to escalate the West’s response to Russia.