'Ultra-Vaxxed' Israel Sees Huge Surge in Covid as 'Experts' Avoid the Only Logical Conclusion

There’s a New Political Party in Israel That’s Focused Solely on Ending Pandemic Panic Theater

If the GOP came out as strong against medical tyranny as the “Ometz” Party in Israel, the midterms would be the reddest wave this nation has ever seen. Unfortunately, people like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are owned by Big Pharma so they’d never allow their caucus to speak an ill word about the jabs or lockdowns. Sure, they’ll let Republican lawmakers differentiate themselves from Democrats by opposing mandates, but otherwise Big Pharma love is the most bipartisan issue on Capitol Hill.

Here’s the video introducing “Ometz” two weeks before the fifth Israeli election in two years:

Ometz is the Hebrew word for “Courage” We could use a lot more courage from Republican politicians in America today.