There’s a New Hate Crime Against Asians in NYC — But Don’t Expect the Democrat Media Complex to Talk About It

Democrats and their surrogates in the media will likely ignore yet another violent crime by black men against an Asian man. They are so desperate to divide the country, that they have blamed the growing violent attacks against Asians in America on ‘white supremacy.’ When confronted with video after video of such acts being done by black people, they still find a way to blame ‘white supremacy.’

Liberalism absolves their targeted ‘victim groups’ of any personal responsibility, which is why we are seeing insane increases in violent crime.

Last week, a black man grabbed a woman by the hair and pulled her back down to her seat when she tried to get up. They didn’t know one another. He simply abused her while onlookers did nothing. He continued holding her hair then pulled her up by the hair and pushed her towards the door.

Today, another video emerged of three black men beating up an Asian man. One cowardly man held him, while the other two took turns hitting him. As this was going on, they were smiling and laughter could be heard in the background.

There are serious problems going on in the Big Apple. But, the non-elected New York Governor Kate Hochul seems more concerned about adding a non-scientific gender selection of X to drivers licenses than addressing the rising acts of criminality in her state’s largest city.

For the life of me, I don’t know why anyone would want to visit New York City. Not only is the city overrun with homelessness and the filthy conditions that come with it, but the subway system also is simply not safe.