The Unhinged Left's Fear of Larry Elder Has Them Incriminating Themselves on Twitter

The Unhinged Left’s Fear of Larry Elder Has Them Incriminating Themselves on Twitter

Anonymity on the internet has been a contentious subject for decades. Should people be allowed to post whatever criminal activities they want while hiding behind Big Tech? There are good arguments in both directions, and I’m not going to debate them here. But I will note that people are often emboldened to post evidence of their crimes when they use fake avatars and nameless profile handles.

Case-in-point: The California recall election. We’ve seen multiple Tweets similar to the one below, invariably posted by “brave” criminals who think that their subversion of the election and attempts to silence their neighbors are positive actions. You won’t see these Twitter accounts going after Gavin Newsom when he’s flaunting his privilege over the peasants on numerous occasions by living the good life while locking down everyone else.

As Centers for American Liberty‘s Harmeet K. Dhillon noted, this could possibly be used as evidence if the anonymous poster is ever exposed.

Larry Elder is leading the Republican Party in California’s efforts to recall Newsom. He has also been the victim of numerous attacks from Democrats, mainstream media, and “activists” like the anonymous Twitter user above. But as Newsom’s failures continue to get exposed despite a friendly media supporting him, the people of California are primed to make a change.

Democrats will do anything to keep their failed governor in power in California. Their only hope is to convince the people that his horrendous record is not his fault. Only voter ignorance (or voter fraud) can save him now.