Andrew McCabe

The Two Corrupt DoJ Attorneys Manufacturing the Trump Case DECLINED to Prosecute Deep State Shill Andy McCabe

If, for whatever reason, you still had a smidgen of hope that the Department of Justice wasn’t completely and utterly corrupt, here’s all the proof you need. The DoJ’s attorneys assigned to persecute President Donald J. Trump happen to be the same attorneys who refused to prosecute Andrew McCabe.

Remember, there are no coincidences.

Here’s independent journalist extraordinaire Julie Kelly breaking it down:

I know you’ll be shocked to hear this.

The 2 DOJ lawyers handling the case against Trump for J6 and attempts to “overturn” 2020 election are the same DOJ lawyers who declined to prosecute Andy McCabe for lying under oath–never mind his own role in 2016 election interference:

Molly Gaston is the DOJ lawyer who went crying to Judge Chutkan last night, claiming Trump’s Truth Social post was a lowkey threat and demanding the judge withhold discovery from Trump until she signs a protective order in the case.


Gaston and Cooney are also the DOJ tag team on the contempt of Congress case against Steve Bannon. They asked for 6 months in jail after Bannon convicted by DC jury on 2 counts and pay a $200,000 fine:

The Department of Justice has been completely compromised. Enforcing the law is no longer their priority. They provide cover and aid for those destroying our nation. They’re the Deep State’s muscle to keep the people controlled and the politicians in line.