. . . The Truth About What the Banking Crisis REALLY Means for Your Money

If Chicken Little was an economist today, he’d be screaming at the top of his lungs, “THE SKY IS FALLING!”

Thankfully, there are three truths that Americans need to know. First, Chicken Little isn’t real. Second, even if he was real he wouldn’t be an economist. Third, the sky isn’t really falling.

Our wonderful precious metals sponsors at Genesis Precious Metals and Our Gold Guy have been fielding more questions over the past couple of months than during the previous six months combined. It’s understandable since patriotic Americans are concerned about inflation, the value of the U.S. Dollar, their investments, and now the ongoing banking crisis. The uncertainty has brought forth new business and The Liberty Daily benefits when our readers purchase from them, but our allegiance is to the truth, not to fearmongering. That’s why I’m happy to report that the economic sky isn’t really falling.

Before I dispel the screams of financial apocalypse, let’s acknowledge that there are definitely very bad things that are happening. The buyout by JP Morgan of First Republic Bank is actually a taxpayer-funded bailout. The biggest bank in American may be paying billions for FRP, but they are doing so with taxpayer dollars backing loans and, most importantly, absorbing losses from the deal. This also accelerates us down the path toward a “Digital Dollar,” and that’s very bad.

But before more bank runs start and Americans turn their mattresses into depositories, it’s important to realize that this is all part of a controlled demolition. The powers-that-be aren’t using the banking crisis to make us all broke or to incite panic. That comes later. What they powers-that-be are doing is consolidating investments and loans under the larger umbrellas to exert control over certain wealthy people and companies.

It’s noteworthy that the banks selected for collapse happened to cater to two very important groups. Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank were deep in tech and green investments. First Republic Bank’s model was similar. According to Andrew Moran, “The California-based financial institution, which became the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history, mirrored the same business model as Silicon Valley Bank and Signature, offering preferential rates to appeal to high-income clients.”

Why do so many wealthy people and tech companies go to these smaller banks instead of working with the JPMorgans of the world? Because they were incentivized to do so through favorable terms. Rather than wooing these depositors and borrowers, the powers-that-be have simply acquired their debts.

For the average American, the banking crisis is not going to play a direct role in their finances. Unfortunately, it has apparently become acceptable for precious metals companies and other investment firms to try to scare Americans into moving their money into their products. This type of fearmongering is disgusting. It may be beneficial for our sponsors at Our Gold Guy and Genesis Precious Metals to jump on that same bandwagon, but they prefer to deal with customers honestly instead of trying to cash in on the chaos.

No, the sky isn’t falling, at least not as a result of the banking crisis. We have other massive concerns to address with our economy and Americans have many great reasons to move wealth or retirement to precious metals, but the banking situation isn’t one of them. If you want to learn how to transfer some of your assets to physical gold and silver, contact Genesis Precious Metals for retirement account rollovers or Our Gold Guy for larger cash purchases today. They won’t try to scare you into buying from them, which is one of the reasons why we work with these honest, America First companies.