School Mass Murders

The True Evil Behind Mass Murders in America’s Schools

Greg Reese from Banned.Video and Infowars has put out another important video. This time, he tackles the evil behind mass murders in schools, which is a relatively new phenomenon. But the likely origins may surprise you.

We often see stories come across our desks that point to false flag attacks. Every time there’s a major shooting, two things happen. The left pounces on it as a reason to take our guns and the conspiracy theory crowd claims false flag. Both can become tiresome, but here’s the thing. The mounting evidence that the Deep State or other actors have been involved in prompting or even planning these school shootings appears to go beyond the realm of coincidence.

It’s best to let Reese explain in the video below. If you are unable to watch or listen, the transcript is below.

Here’s the transcript:

Perhaps the most evil display of deception and murder we are subjected to today are found in the phenomenon of mass school shootings. Prior to 1999, they were practically non-existent but today, the have almost become predictable.

And if you are able to examine the evidence objectively, without getting emotional, a pattern can be recognized.

Former Naval Intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower, Milton William Cooper wrote in his book, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, published in 1991 that the CIA was using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in order to persuade them to open fire on schoolyards to inflame the antigun lobby and do away with the Second Amendment.

This probably sounds outlandishly evil. And it is but the evidence is there. In the Columbine shootings of 1999, we are told that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold acted alone. The ton of Columbine, Colorado was created in 1958 for families and employees of the military-industrial complex.

Eric and Dylan were arrested a year prior to the shooting and were allegedly sodomized by the arresting officer, which may sound crazy but a local officer admitted to raping informants, which is a known method of trauma-based mind control.

After this January incident, Eric and Dylan were put into a juvenile diversion program and prescribed SSRI drugs known to cause homicidal ideation. During this time, Eric Harris was making online death threats and bomb threats. Local police were aware of this a drafted a search warrant affidavit but it was ignored.

Eric and Dylan threatened revenge for the January incident in their yearbook. They produced a school video of their plans and began openly collecting weapons, all of this while on probation. And nothing was done about it. During the shootings, the police stood outside the building and did nothing, while the sounds of automatic gunfire and explosions continued for hours.

In official transcripts, there are over 100 witnesses who saw more than two shooters and more than 40 witnesses who identified the same two men in their 30s, one balding and the other with a short, military-style haircut.

Several witnesses described the same adult male throwing a pipe bomb on the roof of the library, all of them certain that it wasn’t Dylan or Eric. And all of this information pertaining to additional shooters has been redacted.

The FBI agent in charge of the Columbine investigation had a son who recently attended the school who shot a student film inside Columbine High two years before the shooting about a character wearing a trench coat, shooting up the school.

Dylan and Eric fantasized about highjacking an airplane and crashing it into a New York City skyscraper in 1999. Are thee just strange coincidences or remnants of the Feds’ MKULTRA program?

An honest investigation into any of the mass school shootings following Columbine will have the same signatures, such as families involved in the military-industrial complex, prescribed SSRIs and other psychotropic drugs, psychological care provided by the state and associations with law enforcement prior to the shootings, just like we saw with the ‘retired’ Federal agent in regular communication with the Buffalo gunman in a private discord chat room.

And in the recent Texas school shooting, how is the perpetrator able to afford nearly $5,000 of weaponry? And why did the police stand down while children were slaughtered? We are still allowed to question these things but for how long? This evil will never stop until the truth is exposed and unfortunately, most of us are too emotional to see things as they really are.