The Top 11 Mike Leach Moments Going Viral on the Internet Right Now

Legendary college football coach Mike Leach, 61, passed away this week, leaving a void and a sadness over college football that will be very difficult, if not impossible to fill.

“Unique” is one word to describe Leach, his personality, as well as his coaching style. Aside from football, his interviews over the years produced some of the most viral moments in college sports, much more than the games in which he coached, even though he was a great coach.

Well known for the NCAA record-setting “Air Raid” offense, Leach has an impressive coaching tree, with Arizona Cardinals’ Kliff Kingsbury, USC head coach Lincoln Riley, TCU’s Sonny Dykes, and Houston’s Dana Holgorsen all coaching under Leach.

Leach is the winningest coach in Texas Tech history, where he coached from 2000-2009, and turned around the Washington State program where he coached from 2012-2019. He moved to Mississippi State in 2020.

Numerous tributes and memories of Mike Leach have been flooding the Internet since his passing. Below are

While a coach at Washington State University, Mike Leach managed to comment on weddings of all things. It’s epic:

Mike Leach was famously a supporter of President Trump’s and of course, received blowback from leftist snowflakes over it. He didn’t back down one bit:

Then there was the time while coaching at Texas Tech when he recruited a kicker out of the stands! Who does this?

Did you know he had a pet raccoon and that they like shiny objects?

Leach famously would talk about ANYTHING when asked about any random topic. And after a while, reporters began to pick up on it. Here a reporter asked him how he likes his coffee and the answer is epic Leach:

At other moments, Mike Leach didn’t have to say word to still be the most interesting (and hilarious) man in the room:

Perhaps most memorable was when a sideline reporter asked him about his thoughts on candy corn. Only Mike Leach could wax poetic about candy corn:

Then there was the time during the Covid scamdemic when a reporter, acting as hall monitor for the tyrannical medical regime, asks Mike Leach why he wasn’t adhering perfectly to wearing his unscientific slave mask.

His last sentence in the following clip says it all:

‘I can’t help but wonder if some of this isn’t an homage to politicians’

🤣 “One of the most screwed up things about this country is the fact that in order to do anything, in order to cross the street, we always have to have a committee . . . so I said, ‘Screw the committee'”. 🤣

After Washington State upset higher ranked USC a few years ago, Leach was asked after the game about the atmosphere in the stadium and his answer did not disappoint:

“It’s like Woodstock except everyone has their clothes on.”

Needless to say, Mike Leach was asked about how he would like to be remembered. Classic Leach:

“What do I care, I’m dead.”

There are many more videos of Mike Leach that are being shared and enjoyed as well as many tributes like this one from Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffen.