The Swamp Strikes Back in North Carolina as America First Patriot Madison Cawthorn Loses His Primary

When Congressman Madison Cawthorn didn’t take the bait after being asked to participate in a Capitol Hill orgy, it became clear The Swamp was going to target him. They did just that and took him out in the Republican primary in North Carolina Tuesday night.

According to Red State:

In the first big shock of the night, Madison Cawthorn has lost his primary bid to run for reelection in North Carolina’s 11th congressional district. The Republican nominee will instead be Chuck Edwards, who is currently a state senator.

The final result was close, but not quite close enough for the incumbent, with Edwards winning the 30 percent (plus one vote) necessary to take an outright victory and not endure a run-off.

This unfortunately sends a very clear message to new members of Capitol Hill: If The Swamp can’t control you, they’re remove you. I can see no other reason other than the attacks from the Establishment that could have taken down the popular America First freshman.