Maricopa Katie Hobbs

The Steal Is Happening in Maricopa County, Arizona

Call it Deja Vu. Call it an attack on our constitutional republic. Call it corruption at its most blatant. Just don’t call it “unexpected.”

Maricopa County, Arizona’s central command for the massive, widespread voter fraud that stole the 2020 presidential election, is at it again. This time, they’re going after America First patriots on the state’s ballots, including gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters.

Tabulators across the county are reportedly broken, forcing many in the county to take inappropriate actions just to supposedly get their votes to count. According to Red State:

Around 40 vote centers in Maricopa County, Arizona, or roughly 20 percent, are running into issues with their tabulation machines.

While this issue is creating long lines, county officials said that they are addressing the issue and offering solutions to the public in the meantime.

“We have been able to remedy this at some centers,” Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates said at a press conference on Tuesday.

If a tabulation machine is not working, voters are being asked to place their ballot in drawer three of a ballot box, which means the ballot will be sent by a “bipartisan” group to the downtown Phoenix tabulation center to be counted late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

It’s the 2020 playbook all over again. They pick heavily populated voting districts under Democrat control. They have some sort of malfunctions, water main breaks, or whatever else they can muster in order to get eyeballs off the vote counters so they can manufacture just enough miraculous votes to help Democrats win.

This case is particularly heinous because the Secretary of State in charge of elections, Katie Hobbs, is on the ballot for governor.

Conservatives on Twitter have been sounding off:

If you’re in Arizona, hold the line, stay in line, and prepare to make sure your vote is counted. Across the nation, patriots need to watch the polls, report irregularities, and most importantly pray the traitors doing this are thwarted.